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Preparing your motorhome for spring - 5 points

Is it almost time to prepare your campervan for spring? For us it's not quite time yet, as we're still travelling around South Africa, but we've already started thinking about and planning for spring and summer motorhome trips.

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10 great countries for motorhome holidays

Today we present ten great countries for motorhome holidays. Are you looking for sun and warmth, natural beauty or historical sights? Or maybe a combination of everything? Here are ten countries where we've enjoyed travelling by motorhome.

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Åse's epic campervan adventure from Sweden to Nerja

Guest writer: Miss Lopez

At the beginning of this story, I want to take you on an amazing adventure through Europe, where Åse Rees, a happy and curious traveller, chose to accept an unexpected job offer from the Swedish travel agency Boka Nerja, based in the south of Spain. What makes her trip so special is not only the exciting job, but the fact that Åse and her daughter chose to explore the continent in a free and delightful way - in a motorhome named RAJ.

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15 Christmas gift ideas for travellers and campers

This article contains ad links from Scandinavian Outdoor, Coolstuff, Smartphoto, MQ Marqet, Dustin Home and FREEDOMtravel.

Today we have 15 Christmas gift ideas for travellers and campers. We've searched around and found a number of cosy gifts to brighten up the holiday season. Do you have any other great Christmas gift ideas for travellers and campers? Let us know!

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7 campsites near ski resorts in the Alps

Today we present a guest article

Staying at a campsite in the middle of the majestic Alps during a skiing holiday is a unique and different experience. Tucking into a caravan or motorhome at a campsite in the Alps during the winter months offers a unique blend of comfort and adventure. It's the perfect mix of the cosy home-on-wheels feeling and the stunning alpine landscape, something completely different from the traditional accommodation in the Alps.

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How our motorhome life began

How did motorhome life start for us? After a week at the Elmia Husvagn Husbil fair in Jönköping, and after meeting lots of both new and experienced campers, we started to look back at how our own motorhome story once started...

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10 interesting motorhomes at Elmia Husvagn Husbil 2023

Today, we are showing ten interesting motorhomes that were displayed at Elmia Husvagn Husbil 2023. There will be both traditional motorhomes and so-called "plåtisar", i.e. smaller van-style motorhomes.

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10 unique vehicles and caravans at Elmia Husvagn Husbil 2023.

We showcase ten unique vehicles and caravans from Elmia Husvagn Husbil 2023. The annual fair, often described as the 'Christmas Eve of campers', has just ended. Here are some exciting vehicles and caravans that we spotted.

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Destination Europe 2023 - here is the winner!

We have now awarded the prize for Destination Europe 2023, here at Elmia Husvagn Husbil in Jönköping. Fantastic fun! We can also tell you about our days at Destinationstorget.

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New to camping? - 10 mistakes to avoid

Are you new to camping? Have you just bought or borrowed a motorhome or caravan? Here are some mistakes you can avoid making to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable camping holiday.

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