On this page we have collected campsites and pitches in Dalsland. Here you will find nice places to stay with a motorhome, campervan or caravan, everything from simple pitches to scenic campsites. We, Peter and Helena, also offer personal tips on things to see and experience in the neighbourhood.

Campsites and pitches in Dalsland - from north to south

In this list you will find campsites and pitches in Dalsland, listed from north to south. All sites have been visited by us, Peter and Helena, who run the travel magazine FREEDOMtravel.se. The prices indicate what we paid when we visited the place (time in brackets).

Clicking on the headline or the 'Read more' button will take you to our report, with more information about the campsite or pitch, as well as what you can see and experience around it.

Ställplatser i Dalsland - Bengtsfors

Bengtsfors - RV park Bengtsfors

  • Description: Parking space on asphalt right next to the lake Bengtsbrohöljen and the passenger boats in the Dalsland canal. The site may not be very charming, but it is well located for visiting Bengtsfors.
  • Service: Electricity, latrine emptying, kitchen and toilets and showers (slightly messy entrance, but workable to use).
  • Price: 150 kr/day (August 2020)
  • Find here: Ekagatan, Bengtsfors
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Gammelgårdens Open Air Museum, Straw House, Dalsland canal and various locks in the canal.
Ställplatser i Dalsland - Dals Långed

Dals Långed - Dals Långed car park

  • Description: Nice site with eight motorhome pitches on gravel. You have a view of the water and a sauna is available for hire. The train passes close by, but rarely.
  • Service: Electricity, shelter, latrine emptying and fresh water supply.
  • Price: 150 kr/day (August 2020)
  • Find here: Christian Aarsruds väg 2, Dals Långed.
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Mustadfors lock station, Dals Långed lock station and Långbrons lock station.
Håveruds camping

Håverud Håverud campsite

  • Description: Nice and popular campsite located by the water, and with a great location for visiting the aqueduct in Håverud.
  • Service: Electricity, service house, washing machine, latrine emptying, possibility of filling fresh water and possibility of emptying grey and black water.
  • Price: See the campsite's website for current prices
  • Find here: Kanalvägen 4, Håverud
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Aqueduct in Håverud, boat trip between Håverud and Bengtsfors, Dalsland Centre and the Canal Museum.
Ställplatser i Dalsland - Upperud

Upperud - Upperud marina and car park

  • Description: Nice pitch located near the water, at a guest harbour. Cycling distance to supermarket.
  • Service: Electricity, shelter, washing machine, rubbish collection, latrine emptying and fresh water supply.
  • Price: 200 kr/day with electricity and 160 kr/day without electricity (August 2020)
  • Find here: Upperud guest harbour, Upperud 14, Åsensbruk
  • See and do in the neighbourhood: Dalsland Art Museum, Upperud 9:9 hiking centre and Café Bonaparte.

Campsites and pitches in Dalsland - good to know

There are plenty of campsites and pitches in Dalsland, and many are nicely located by lakes or perhaps near the Dalsland Canal. During the high season, popular sites can be very busy and it can be difficult to find a free site unless you arrive early in the day.

More campsites and pitches in Dalsland?

In this list we have only included campsites and pitches in Dalsland that we ourselves have experience of. Of course, there are many more places where you can spend the night with a motorhome, campervan or caravan. Perhaps you have a favourite place that you would like to recommend?

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