Everything you need to know before travelling! Here you will find tips, ideas and smart solutions for everything from financial planning to packing. Plus, if you're travelling with a motorhome, caravan or tent, you'll find lots of tips on planning and packing for your camping trip.

Everything you need to know before travelling

Fancy travelling? Travelling is the best thing we know and whether you're heading for a short or long trip, you have a great adventure ahead of you. We've travelled to more than 45 countries on five continents and on these pages we've tried to bring together blog posts that sum up most of it - whether you're travelling by plane, train, boat, car or camper van. We wish you a wonderful journey!

Peter & Helena

Travel planning and packing

Travel planning involves everything from planning your time away from home to planning the trip itself. Maybe you want to travel spontaneously and flexibly? That's fine, but a certain amount of planning is always involved.

First, of course, you need to have a budget for your trip and check your insurance. What preparations you need to make after that may depend on whether you are going to be away for a short or long time, whether you are travelling within Europe or to some more exotic place in the world. Check out our travel planning and packing tips!


Roadtrip, camping and motorhome life

Are you travelling by motorhome, caravan, car or perhaps by motorcycle? Do you like to follow the roads and see where they take you? Do you like staying overnight at a campsite or sleeping in a cabin? Here we have gathered lots of tips for those who want to know what to think about when travelling on the road, or how to find a nice campsite. We've also collected some tips for those travelling with a motorhome. Here you'll find tips on everything from fixing your campervan to cooking in the campervan kitchen.

Vad har jag gjort?

Travel tips for different destinations

Where should you travel? Of course, we don't know, but we've gathered lots of tips on different travel destinations. First of all, we have tips on the 50 or so countries we have visited ourselves. There are also some exciting articles written by guest writers. You will find travel tips on destinations in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world.


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