Travel destinations in The Gambia! Here you will find inspiration about Gambia's best travel destinations. Do you like a warm climate, beautiful beaches and cultural experiences? Here are our best tips for those who want to travel to Gambia!

Why travel to Gambia?

The Gambia is a small country in West Africa, where poverty is widespread and tourism plays a major role in the population. Here you can enjoy a warm climate and beautiful beaches. You can also take a boat trip on the Gambia River, visit the capital Banjul, experience the hustle and bustle of the markets or learn about the history of slavery on Kunta Kinte Island.

The Gambia also offers opportunities for cultural experiences and encounters with local people. You can also try the local food, which includes cassava, nuts and fruit.

Gambia travel destinations - inspirational reading

Info and facts about Gambia

  • Capital city: Banjul
  • Language: English
  • Residents: Around 2.6 million (2020)
  • Currency: Galasi (GMD)
  • Religion: Islam
  • FlagThe Gambia's flag is red, blue and green.
  • National anthem: For The Gambia Our Homeland

record-breaking destination in the Gambia

  • Highest point: Unnamed location, 53 metres above sea level
  • Longest river: Gambia River, approximately 1,100 - 1,300 km
  • Largest city: Serrekunda
  • Highest building: The Petroleum House, 43 metres

Good to know about Gambia

  • Price mode: Cheaper than Sweden
  • Time difference: +1 hour
  • El: Adapter needed
  • Water: Choose bottled drinking water

Travelling to Gambia

  • Flight: You can travel charter to Gambia with Ving or TUI. It is also possible to fly regular flights, for example with Ethiopian Airlines, but you have to expect stopovers.

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