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Northeast Skåne - 6 excursions by car from Kristianstad

Northeast Skåne offers beautiful nature, charming towns and several exciting destinations. We present a number of tips for excursions and destinations based in Kristianstad.


Discover north-eastern Skåne

In recent years, we have discovered many amazing places in Skåne. One of the first places we explored was Kristianstad and its surroundings, i.e. north-eastern Skåne.

Travelling by camper van, car or motorbike

The perfect way to discover northeastern Skåne is to travel around by motorhome, car or even motorbike. You can of course use your own vehicle, or rent one. If you need to buy a car, you can find both new and used cars at Tofta car, which is the dealer for Citroën in Kristianstad. Here you will find cars for both private individuals and companies.

Six excursions in north-eastern Skåne

Here you will find tips for six different excursions, all based in Kristianstad.

1. Åhus

The small town Åhus offers wonderfully charming settings on the coast of north-eastern Skåne. Here you can stroll among half-timbered houses, try the local ice cream "Ottoglass" or hang out at the cosy ice cream boat. One tourist attraction you won't want to miss is "Absolut Home", where you can take an interesting guided tour that ends with you making your own cocktail or mocktail.

Travel time from Kristianstad: 20 minutes (about 17 km)

Åhus i nordöstra Skåne

2. The Åland coast and Nyehusen

The Ålakusten is the stretch of coastline that starts in Åhus in the north and continues southwards to Stenshuvud. Here you have a special licence to catch eels during a certain period, and the area is known for both "eel stalls" and "eel gills". At Nyehusen you will also find the tiny gourmet restaurant Pia's Kitchen, where new 7-course menus are constantly being created using local ingredients.

Travel time from Kristianstad: 27 minutes (about 27 km)

Ålakusten i nordöstra Skåne

3. Bäckaskog Castle

Bäckaskog Castle was originally a simple monastery, but in the Middle Ages the Danes built a magnificent castle here. Today, you can take in a cosy castle weekend, have a coffee at the castle café or perhaps take a walk in the beautiful park.

Travel time from Kristianstad: 18 minutes (about 18 km)

Bäackaskog slott

4. Ivön

Ivön is located in the middle of Lake Ivösjön, and to get here you can take a free car ferry from Barum in north-eastern Skåne. On the Ivory Island you will find fields of rapeseed and apple trees, the Ivö klack nature reserve, the fossil-rich Ugnsmunnarna caves and two campsites.

Travel time from Kristianstad: Just over 20 minutes (about 21 km) + journey by ferry


5. defensive avalanche

The Forsakarravinen nature reserve is a popular destination with beautiful beech forest, but also other deciduous trees, ferns and mosses. The 40 metre deep gorge was once formed by rushing meltwater from the inland ice. Today, the gorge creates a dramatic natural landscape and is home to the Forsakar waterfall.

Travel time from Kristianstad: 25 minutes (about 27 km)

Forsakarravinen i nordöstra Skåne

6. Yangtorp Qigong Temple and the Colour of the Past shop

It may be worth driving past the qigong temple. Yangtorp just for the special experience of seeing this fascinating building, in the middle of the Scanian countryside. It is also possible to come for retreats, to stay at the hotel or to hold conferences. Right next door is the charming little shop "Färg från förr", with all kinds of fun stuff from the past. If you're lucky, the Kagan café is also open.

Travel time from Kristianstad: 45 minutes (about 41 km)


More excursions in north-eastern Skåne

There are of course many more excursions to do in north-eastern Skåne, in addition to the ones we have suggested here. For example, we've heard good things about Mina's chocolate studio, near Trolle Ljungby Castle. There are also several nature reserves, such as Tosteberga meadows. Perhaps you have even more suggestions for excursions?

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