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Saleccia beach - Corsica's most beautiful beach?

Could this be the most beautiful beach in Corsica? Ok, we don't know for sure, but Saleccia beach has been mentioned in such contexts and we have to say ... wow, what a beach! Saleccia beach is not far from St Florent in northern Corsica, but there are no roads, so you can't get there by car. You simply have to get there by boat.


To Saleccia beach by boat taxi

We went to Saleccia beach in Golf de Florent by water taxi from the harbour in St Florent and for this we paid €25/person return, now in low season. A budget option might otherwise be to take the local ferry to Loto beach (€10/person) and hike from there, which reportedly takes an hour each way.

Both Plage de Saleccia Beach and Plage de Loto Beach are among the top 10 beautiful beaches in Corsica. These beautiful beaches are sheltered in the bay south of the Cap Corse, which is the peninsula in northern Corsica. You can also hire a quad bike to get to the beaches, but be aware that in July and August it's easy for the temperature to approach 40 degrees.

På väg in från taxibåten till Saleccia beach
On the way in from the taxi boat to Saleccia beach

The most beautiful beach in Corsica?

The first thing that strikes you when you arrive is that the turquoise the water. Sometimes you think they have manipulated the pictures in the tourist brochures, but this is the real thing! The water is crystal clear and the sand is chalky white.

Behind the beach, the high mountains rise to the sky. Not a hotel, or even a house, as far as the eye can see. On the beach, a bunch of tourists are sunbathing and outside, in the green-blue water, a few luxury yachts are bobbing lazily. It really is impossible not to relax here. A hidden gem, pure and simple!

Saint Florent
Check out the colour of the water! Could this be the most beautiful beach in Corsica?
Saint Florent
Some tourists and some boats, but not crowded.
Den vita stranden med bergen bakom - magiskt!
The white beach with the mountains behind - magical!
Peter badar vid Korsikas vackraste strand
Peter bathing - and one of the luxury yachts in the background

Don't forget your packed lunch!

We highly recommend a visit to this paradise beach on the edge of the Désert des Agrgates, but don't forget the water or your packed lunch. There are no shops and no beach vendors here.

The best thing about this beach is that there are still natural beaches that are protected and do not allow sales. Everyone wants it to be clean, and there really isn't even a forgotten plastic bottle here. It is a luxury to have been here once.

Glöm inte matsäcken! För vår del blev det äggmacka med Kalles kaviar
Don't forget your packed lunch! For us it was egg sandwiches with Kalles caviar.

Facts about Saleccia Beach

  • Accommodation: Hotels located in the town of St Florent, closest to Saleccia Beach
  • Restaurants: Restaurants are available in St Florent. At Saleccia Beach, packed lunches and drinks are available.
  • Getting here: By taxi boat, rib boat or quad bike

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