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Kayakapi Premium caves - staying in cave hotels in Cappadocia

Kayakapi Premium Caves is a cave hotel in Cappadocia that makes you feel like you're crawling into a cosy fantasy film. This Turkish boutique hotel is both luxurious and charmingly homely at the same time. You won't want to leave!


Kayakapi Premium Caves

Kayakapi Premium Caves is a hotel option for those who want to experience Cappadocia, with its stunning landscapes.

Kayakapi Premium Caves
Kayakapi Premium Caves

Kayakapi Premium Caves is located in Ürgüp in Cappadocia, Turkey, on a mountain overlooking the valley and town below.

A historic residential area

The Kayakapi neighbourhood was founded on the north-eastern slope of the hill known as Esbelli Rock in Ürgüp, and is one of the city's first historic residential areas. The area is located within the boundaries of the "Göreme National Park and Cappadocia Rocky Areas" which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985.

Kayakapi Premium Caves

In this area, and in these caves, people have lived for a long, long time. There are remains of buildings such as churches, mosques, baths, fountains and dwellings. From the late 1960s until 1984, the area was classified as a disaster area due to the risk of landslides, and people were forced to move down into the valley.

Kayakapi Premium Caves

Saint John the Russian

Born in the late 17th century, St John the Russian was a soldier in Tsar Peter's army during the Ottoman-Russian War between 1711 and 1718. Using the religious teachings of his strictly orthodox family, he was eventually captured by the Ottoman army as a prisoner. He became a slave in Ürgüp, and spent 12 years with Omer Esat Agha in the neighbourhood of Kayakapı.

St John The Russian

Omer Esat Agha appreciated St John's obedience and respect and wanted to give him a proper house, but he preferred to stay in his cave with the animals. Several hundred miracles are told about St John, including these:

Greek sailors were caught in a storm on their way to the Netherlands and prayed in front of the icon of St John the Russian. They struggled all night. In the morning, the ship was anchored in Rotterdam, but no one knew how it happened. The ship's captain travelled to Greece with valuable gifts for St John the Russian.

Old lady Maria Siaka in Cyprus, lived for 18 years with a hunchback that almost made her face touch the ground. Maria came to the church in Prokopi and prayed to St John the Russian for a cure. One day, while praying in the church, she was suddenly able to stand up straight. After this, the woman left her cane.

St John the Russian

Right next to the cave, where St John lived with the animals, is his church. Still today it is really nice.

Many Orthodox Christians have left pictures and letters with prayers here. We don't know what it says, as the texts and names are written in Greek.

St John the Russian

Rooms at Kayakapi Premium Caves - living in a cave

Today, much of the mountain has been converted into a cave hotel. Everything is at an altitude and if you want, you can get some much-needed exercise while walking between your room and reception. If you prefer, there's always an available golf cart happy to give you a lift.


The entrances face out from the mountain and when you step on, you feel like you're stepping into Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones.
Kayakapi Premium Caves

Take a look at our room and you'll see! Can it get any cosier? Our hotel room was large and spacious, but most importantly, it was homely. We wanted to stay here, and the three nights that were booked didn't feel like enough at all.

Kayakapi Premium Caves
Kayakapi Premium Caves

If you want a fire in the room, you call the reception, which immediately sends a guy to fix it. It wasn't excessively cold, but who doesn't want a fire? So cosy!

Our bathroom was also very nice. We liked the care that was taken with every detail.

Kayakapi Premium Caves

If you want, you can also fix your own little hamam, your Turkish bath, in a small room next to the bathroom. Very nice and nice!

Pool and spa

Outside the Kayakapi Premium Caves hotel, there is a swimming pool from which you can enjoy fantastic views. The hotel also has a spa, where you can book a sauna, massage, traditional hammam or perhaps "Swedish massage". We thought we had too little time, but our travelling companion Charlotte booked the hammam and was very happy!

Kayakapi Premium Caves

Breakfast at Kayakapi Premium Caves

What about breakfast? Well, absolutely fantastic! There was a counter with coffee and tea, a counter with fresh bread and a counter with cheeses, cold cuts and local vegetables. You could also order egg dishes and fruit platters. We tried olives, locally produced dried (dark!) apricots, walnuts and a local egg dish with tomato.

You could also order Turkish hot breads with any filling of your choice. We chose white cheese and spinach. So good!

Frukost Turkiet

Our experience of Kayakapi Premium Caves

Our overall rating for boutique hotels Kayakapi Premium Caves is that it is fantastic! The hotel has a cosy yet high standard, and we enjoyed it immensely.

Kayakapi Premium Caves
Kayakapi Premium Caves

Things to see and do near the hotel

Starting from the Kayakapi Premium Caves, you can discover the Cappadocia, with its magnificent and imaginative landscapes. For example, there are opportunities to ballooning, horse riding, cooking classes and visits to beautiful valleys and outdoor museums.

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Have you visited Cappadocia or Kayakapi Premium Caves?

Have you visited Cappadocia, or maybe even the Kayakapi Premium Caves? Tell us about your experiences!

Facts about Kayakapi Premium Caves

  • Country: Turkey
  • Area: Cappadocia
  • Address: Kayakapi Mahallesi, Kuscular Sokak No:43, 50400, Urgup / Cappadocia / Turkiye
  • More info: You can find more information at hotel website.

Services and activities

  • Food service: Maide restaurant (buffet breakfast and à la carte restaurant), Bistro Manzara (snack restaurant) and Room Service. The Sekerci wine cellar is also available.
  • Spa and gym: Hamam, sauna, fitness centre, ottoman massage, aroma therapy massage, Swedish massage etc.
  • Activities: Swimming pool, honeymoon packages and meeting rooms.
  • Other services: Wireless internet, lounges, shuttle bus within the area, shuttle bus to the city of Ürgüp and babysitting.

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