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Ferrari and Porsche - a lifestyle in Malta

Ferrari and Porsche - a lifestyle in Malta! If there's one thing we learnt during our time in Malta, it's that the Maltese really love cars. If we are to believe what we have heard, there are nowhere in the world that you have as many Ferraris per capita as in Malta. Ferrari and Porsche had a meeting with their clubs and we were able to attend. What happiness! Join the meeting with Ferrari and Porsche!


Meeting with the President of the Porsche club

The Ferrari Club and the Porsche Club in Malta tend to make fun of each other a bit, but mostly they are friends. So much so that they organise meetings together. We exchanged a few words with Porsche Club President Andrew Spiteri. He told us that they organise several meetings every year and that he knows and appreciates the Swedish Porsche Club. And of course we got him to pose in front of his own beautiful white Porsche!

Porscheklubben på Malta
Maltese Porsche Club President Andrew Spiteri and Peter in front of Andrew's white Porsche.

A 1962 Porsche

The coolest Porsche we saw was a vintage car from 1962. The car has only had one owner and still looks like new. The owner also looks amazingly healthy and fit, despite being 83 (!) years old. We wondered if the trick to staying so fit is to drive a Porsche, but he had some other tips. Eat lots of fish and vegetables, avoid sausages, don't smoke and drink alcohol in moderation!

Porsche från 1962
A 1962 Porsche and its only owner, now 83 years old.

Ferrari cars - and the 83-year-old whizzes away

There was a whole bunch of nice cars to look at - both new and vintage models. You can see a small selection here. Wondering about that red licence plate, by the way? It is extremely crowded and congested on Malta's motorways, perhaps because a population of about 450 thousand people owns about 350 thousand cars (did we say the Maltese like cars?).

To reduce traffic at peak times, those who wish to do so can obtain a weekend-only driving licence for their car, which offers significantly lower taxes - and a red number plate.

A red Ferrari
Röd Ferrari
Another red Ferrari

Last but not least, we offer a picture of the 83-year-old speeding away in his white 1962 Porsche. It happened so fast that it was blurred when I took the photo ...

Vit Porsche
The 83-year-old speeds away in his white 1962 Porsche.
All our top tips from Malta. Click on the image!

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