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Things to do in Föglö, Åland - our top 10 tips

What to do in Föglö, Åland? This little gem in the Åland archipelago has a lot to offer. We fell in love with this beautiful island and are sharing our top tips with you.


Föglö in Åland

Föglö consists of several islands separated by several narrow straits, connected by several bridges. The most common way to get to Föglö is by car ferry from Svinö in Lumparland, on mainland Åland.

The ferries run regularly, and you can't book a place, but just go down to the ferry terminal when it's time. We drove on board with our motorhome (note that you pay for motor vehicles) and half an hour later, after a nice archipelago tour, we arrived in Degerby on Föglö.

Föglö is located in the south-eastern part of Åland.

What can you do on Föglö?

So, what can you see and do on Föglö? More than we imagined, we can say! Here are our top tips on what to see and do in Föglö.

1. Walk around Degerby.

First of all, of course, you want to discover Degerby, which is the centre of Föglös. Before the founding of Mariehamn in 1861, Degerby was the centre of the Åland archipelago, and even in the 1920s Degerby had more inhabitants than Mariehamn.

This may explain why there are so many fine houses in Degerby, not least large and beautiful wooden villas. There is also a tourist information centre, a museum and some restaurants and shops.

2. check out the pilot's cabin

One of the more interesting buildings in Degerhamn is Lotsstugan, which was built in 1860 and was in use until 1968. The pilot's cabin is decorated with old artefacts and an exhibition, open during the high season, tells the story of what the business once looked like.

Att göra på Föglö i Åland - Lotsstugan

3. visit the Föglömuseet

Degerby also has a small museum, the Föglömuseet, which is housed in an old packing house and tells the story of "Föglö past and present".

Att göra på Föglö i Åland - museum

Among other things, you can learn about two world-famous Föglö residents. Although Warner Sallman (1892-1968) is described as an American artist, his father emigrated from Föglö and his portrait of Jesus has sold 500 million copies.

Similarly, Haddon Sundblom (1899-1976) was an American artist with roots in Föglö and is known for creating images of Santa Claus for Coca-Cola in the 1930s.
Att göra på Föglö i Åland - museum

4. Spend the night in the historic Enigheten farmhouse

Enigheten is a restored historic farm in Degerby. Here you can stay overnight in listed buildings, or perhaps have a bite to eat at the restaurant. The farm offers a fantastically charming environment!

5. See Föglös medieval church

Föglös Church is dedicated to Mary Magdalene, and the oldest parts of the church are thought to date back to the late 14th century. This small church is stunningly beautiful, and if you get a chance to peek inside, look out for a 15th century silver reliquary crucifix.

Att göra på Föglö i Åland - kyrka

6. Have dinner at Seagram's

If you want to dine in a restaurant, we highly recommend a visit to Seagrams in Degerby.

Att göra på Föglö i Åland - seagrams

The restaurant has a nice location by the water and a large lovely outdoor terrace. When we were here, we took the opportunity to spend an evening with my (Helena's) friend and former colleague, who has a house on Föglö, and her friend. It was a very nice evening in the evening sun!

Att göra på Föglö i Åland - Seagrams
Dinner at Seagrams with Elinor and Eva

So what can you eat at Seagrams? Peter went for baked Åland cod with fried seaweed and I (Helena) chose beef fillet with creamy stewed black roots. Very, very good! The rhubarb crumble was a perfect ending.

7. Have breakfast at Carlsro badhotell.

If you want to treat yourself to a cosy and luxurious experience, we can also recommend breakfast at Carlsro Badhotell. This hotel opened in 2020 and is an absolutely fantastic place. The owners, who have roots in Åland and Denmark respectively, have created a turn-of-the-century dream with endless beautiful details.

Att göra på Föglö i Åland - Carlsro badhotell

As soon as you step through the doors, you are greeted by a wonderful little shop, with local products and fans from the early 1900s.

Att göra på Föglö i Åland - Carlsro badhotell

Breakfast is not a buffet, but is served at the table. Every ingredient is well thought out and almost everything comes from local producers. The apple drink is from Öfvergårds, the ham from Dahlmans and the vegetables from neighbouring farms. But some details are also Danish: the good cheese, the tasty nut cake and the classic chocolate spread.

The beautiful turn-of-the-century house, the picturesque view and the cool music in the background made the experience complete. We've had many hotel breakfasts in our lives, but this one gets the best rating of all! And of course, you can have dinner here too if you want - for example, in the form of Danish smörrebröd.

Att göra på Föglö i Åland - frukost på Carlsro badhotell

8. Enjoy the spa at Carlsro badhotell

While you're in the neighbourhood. Another thing you want to do on Föglö is to treat yourself to a sauna and spa at Carlsro Badhotell. From the hotel, you can walk a short distance down to the water, where the hotel has set up a spa in a red and white striped turn-of-the-century style. Here you have none detail missed in the interior.

Att göra på Föglö i Åland - spa och bastu på Carlsro badhotell

We enjoyed a lovely morning of sauna and whirlpool, and after that we were like new people.

9. Hike the Hastersboda nature trail

If you're a nature lover, head to Hastersboda for a four-kilometre-long hiking trail entitled 'Sea beaches and magical coniferous forest'. The trail goes partly over cliffs with lovely views of the sea, and partly through unspoilt old coniferous forest. Here and there are information signs telling how the inhabitants of the archipelago have lived from and with nature through the ages.

Hasterboda also has a holiday village, a caravan and motorhome park, a disc golf course and a small self-service shop where you can buy snacks by putting cash in a box.

10. Continue by ferry to Kökar.

When you are in Föglö, you have the opportunity to continue the adventure! From Överö there is a ferry to Kökar, and travelling here is an exciting experience. The ferry takes about two hours and should be booked in advance via Ålandstrafiken. Once in Kökar, there are experiences in the form of camping, restaurants, historical sights and wonderful boat trips.

Färja till Kökar

More things to do on Föglö for nature lovers

Are you most comfortable in the forest and countryside, or along coasts and beaches? Then you'll find even more tips here on things to do in Föglö.

  • Björkör nature reserve is located on an island, where you can go by your own boat or with a local contractor.
  • Cycling can be nice to do on Föglö, and it is also possible to cycle from Mariehamn to Föglö.
  • Fishing can be done with a fishing licence, which can be purchased at the tourist information office in Degerby during the summer months.
  • Jyddö nature trail is a five-kilometre-long hiking trail on Jyddö, with deciduous trees and a ten-metre-high bird tower.
  • Kayaking can be a great way to discover islands and skerries.
Att göra på Föglö i Åland

More to do in Föglö with children and teenagers

Travelling with children or teenagers? Here are some more ideas on what to do in and around Föglö with your family.

  • Degerby swimming beach is a nice beach on Föglö with a diving tower, toilets and changing rooms.
  • Disc golf  can be played in Hastersboda, right next to the hiking trail and Isaksson's cottage.
  • Föglö Day is traditionally organised every summer on the square in Degerby, with a market and entertainment.

Where can you stay or park your motorhome?

There are several different hotels and other accommodations on Föglö, such as Carlsro badhotell and the guesthouse Enigheten. If, like us, you are travelling with a motorhome, there is a parking space in Degerby, right next to where the ferry docks. There is electricity and water at the site, and there are service buildings and toilets in the harbour.

ställplats i Degerby

There is also a simple small site at Isakssons stugby in Hastersboda. There is electricity and a small service station, including fresh water.

ställplats i Hastersboda

More to see and do in the vicinity of Föglö

There is, of course, more to see and do in the vicinity of Föglö. Near Svinö, in Lumparland, you can find Amalia's lemonade factory, Skeppargården Pellas and Open Water Brewery.

You can get to the main town Mariehamn or discover places that Bomarsund Fortress, Kastelholm Castle or Vårdö. In addition, you can continue out to beautiful Kökarand perhaps visit the beautiful island of Källskär. Please also read all our tips on things to do to do in Åland. Find even more tips for Åland and Finland below.

More suggestions on what to see and do in Föglö?

We had really nice days on Föglö and can highly recommend a visit here. Have you been here? How was your experience? Do you have any other good tips on what to see and do on Föglö?

All our top tips about Åland. Click on the image!

Facts about Föglö in Åland

  • Country: Finland
  • Landscape: Åland
  • Location: Föglö is located in the south-eastern part of Åland.
  • Islands: Hummersölandet, Kyrklandet, Degerö, Sonnbodalandet, Östersocknen, etc.
  • Centre: Degerby
  • Population: Approximately 500 residents. Many more in the summer when the summer cottages are filled with summer residents.
  • Read more: You can find more information at the municipality's website.

Getting to Föglö

From Mariehamn to Degerby on Föglö

  • Car or bus to Svinö: Svinö in Lumparland is about 2.5 kilometres from Mariehamn. The easiest way to travel is by car, but there are also buses from Mariehamn to Lumparland.
  • Ferry from Svinö to Degerby: The Föglö Line (ferry m/s Skarven) runs from Svinö to Laajasalo. The ferry journey takes about 30 minutes. Passengers without vehicles travel for free, while vehicles and bicycles are subject to a charge. It is not possible to book a seat. Tour lists are available at Ålandstrafiken website.

From Mariehamn to Överö on Föglö

  • Car to Långnäs: Långnäs harbour in Lumparland is about 3 miles from Mariehamn.
  • Ferry from Långnäs to Överö: The "Southern Line" goes to Överö on Föglö. The boat trip takes about 40 minutes and a fee is charged for bicycles and motor vehicles.

From mainland Finland to Överö on Föglö islands

  • Car to Galtby: The ferry departs from Galtby in the Turku archipelago.
  • Ferry Galtby to Överö: The ferry runs from Galtby in the Åland archipelago, via Kökar and Sottunga.

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