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Motorhomes and camping news at "Holidays for all" 2022

We spotted motorhomes and camping news at "Ferie for alle" 2022 - Scandinavia's biggest holiday fair. The fair brings together travel destinations, outdoor activities, golf... and has a very strong focus on motorhomes, caravans and camping.


Motorhomes, caravans and camping accessories at "Holidays for all" 2022

The big Danish trade fair "Ferie for alla" (which due to the pandemic is smaller than usual, but still impressively large!) brings together lots of exhibitors from both Denmark and around the world. The fair is divided into different areas, and yesterday we reported about travel and outdoor activities on Holidays for all.

Now we've checked out all the halls dedicated to camping - motorhomes, caravans, tents, campsites and camping accessories. Because the fair is so big, we can only report on a fraction of it, but here's a sample!

The fair is located in Herning, in Jutland, Denmark. We took a bus from Herning city centre to the exhibition hall, which took a few minutes.

Motorhomes at "Holidays for all" 2022

It is shown lots of motorhomes at the fair and here you can check out well-known brands such as Kabe, Adria and Hymer. Many motorhomes are similar in terms of layout and design, and this time we chose to highlight and show some models that are more unknown or stand out from the crowd.

Autostar Prestige

Autostar is a French motorhome brand that, although well-known in its home country, is not as big in the Nordic countries. A bunch of different models are on display at the fair, and it was interesting to take a look.

We found the motorhomes to be classically stylish, although nothing in the interior was extremely surprising. The model we looked at was equipped with long beds.

  • Length: 7.59 metres
  • Sleeping places: 4
  • Price: Approximately SEK 1.8 million

Ranger R490

Also on display at the show are a bunch of 'Ranger' branded vans that we haven't seen before. These come in a variety of models, some of which are designed as classic flatbed trucks, while others can be described more as simply equipped camper vans with retractable roofs.

The one shown in the picture belongs to the latter category, which is a campervan without a toilet, with a small kitchen and a retractable roof.

  • Length: Unclear
  • Sleeping places: 4
  • Price: About SEK 1.1 million

Maple Van 550

There are several Ahorn motorhomes at the fair, and the one that particularly caught the eye was the orange Ahorn van 550. Fun with colour!

Inside, this tin can felt quite simple, yet we found most of what we needed. This model was equipped with a cross bed but there is another, slightly longer, model with long beds.
  • Length: 5.48 metres
  • Sleeping places: 3
  • Price: Approximately 880 000 sek

Rollerteam Kronos 210 TL

We also checked out the Rollerteam Kronos 210 TL, which is a short motorhome with a slightly different bed solution. There are fold-down beds at the front, but also a bed at the back that can be lifted up and down.

Looking around this motorhome was interesting because the solution was a bit different. Probably this car could suit a family with children, who do not want a too big motorhome.

  • Length: 6.2 metres
  • Sleeping places: 4
  • Price: Approximately 1 million SEK

Chausson First Line C556

Since alcove cars (motorhomes with an alcove above the driver's cabin) are not so common anymore, we still want to show that we saw a bunch of variants at the fair. For example, we saw this family car from Chausson.

Although this motorhome is short, there are plenty of beds, and just as many belted seats that can be used while travelling.

  • Length: 6.9 metres
  • Sleeping places: 7
  • Price: Approximately 1.1 million SEK

Caravans on 'Holidays for all' 2022

Even in the case of caravans, there are lots at the fair. In today's post, we're highlighting just a few models that managed to make us raise our eyebrows a little. There were three smaller wagons.

Vega 365 NTL

One of the first caravans we noticed at the show was the Vega, which stood out because of its small size. According to the dealer, they were previously known as "Opis" and "Safari".

The one we peeked into was small and simple, but still cosy.

  • Length: 4.5 metres
  • Sleeping places: 2
  • Price: Approximately 150 000 sek

T@b 320

Another small caravan that caught our attention was the T@b 320. This is both colourful and cute, but lacks a toilet. However, there is a slightly larger model, the T@b 400, which is equipped with a toilet.

This is a very small, but cosy, caravan.

  • Length: 5.17 metres
  • Sleeping places: 2
  • Price: Approximately 200 000 sek

Silver Racing Edition

Another small but different caravan is the "Racing Edition" from Silver. This caravan is equipped for "passionate motorcyclists".

Inside the caravan there is seating and a kitchen, but there is also a ramp and a rail to allow the motorbike to be driven in during transport.

  • Length: 4.42 metres
  • Sleeping places: 2
  • Price: Approximately 170 000 sek

Adventure cars and rooftop tents

At the fair we also saw some unusual and adventurous vehicles, in some cases combined with rooftop tents, which seems to be hot.

Sale and hire of roof top tents from Camp On Top
Vehicles and roof tents displayed at outdoor exhibition
A charming Wolksvagen bus of classic design
Here you could peek in from a distance

Camping accessories and gadgets at 'Holiday for all' 2022

The fair also showcases lots of camping accessories and other gadgets. From outdoor furniture and caravan cleaning products to saunas and massage chairs.

Of course, there are also plenty of glasses, crockery and pots for the campsite kitchen. For ourselves, we picked up a camping catalogue from ACSI to get discounts on campsites in Europe during the low season.

Venetian flour mixer from Brunner

Did you like any of the motorhomes and caravans we displayed here? Do you like going to fairs?

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