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Trailers 2021 - 6 trailers from KABE, Adria and Affinity

In this post we showcase a number of vans from the 2021 Elmia Caravan & Motorhome Show - from KABE, Adria and Affinity. Here you can check out a selection of vans. And of course we share our reflections!


Camper vans 2021 - from KABE, Adria and Affinity

The KABE/Adria show will feature motorhomes, caravans and vans in 2021. As it's a "branded" show, you can only see vehicles from the KABE group and that's obviously limiting, but it's still great fun to look at camping vehicles again! In today's post, we're looking at "flatbeds", which are smaller motorhomes/vans with a sliding side door and large rear doors.

Plåtisar 2021

Ploughshares 2021 - some reflections

Ploughshares have grown enormously in popularity, and we can certainly understand why. Some people think it's the price, but it's hardly that. The price tag is influenced more by brand, quality, options and other aspects, than by the choice between a flatbed and a "regular motorhome". A flatbed is of course more cramped than a regular motorhome, but there are other advantages:

  • Smoother driving on narrow roads/narrow alleys
  • Easier to park
  • Many times cheaper on ferries and bridges
  • Easier to combine as a regular car and motorhome at the same time
  • Safer in accidents because the vehicle is made of sheet metal instead of fibreglass.

We've travelled by flatbed in Croatia, Ireland and Estonia, and we love these agile camping vehicles. The only downside for us is that we would struggle to fit our large electric bikes (Peter has a trike that fits in our motorhome garage).

Plåtisar 2021

Flatbed trucks 2021 - six examples from KABE, Adria and Affinity

Here are six plates that were displayed at the fair. Enjoy!

1st Adria Twin Axess 600 SP

  • Length: 5.99 metres
  • Maximum weight: 3500 kg
  • Number of beds: 2+1
  • Price from: SEK 673 000

We think Adria makes stylish and practical caravans. The Adria Twin Axess is bright and pleasant, while still feeling relatively standard and basic. As it is less than 6 metres long, it is particularly easy to park.

2nd Adria Twin Supreme 640 SLB

  • Length: 6.36 metres
  • Maximum weight: 3500/4250 kg
  • Number of beds: 2+1
  • Price from: SEK 729 000

The Adria Twin Supreme 640 SLB is the best-selling of the Adria vans. This is a sleek and stylish van in black and white tones, so we can see why many people like it.

3rd Adria Twin Sport 640 SGX

  • Length: 63.6 metres
  • Maximum weight: 3500 / 4250 kg
  • Number of beds: 4
  • Price from: SEK 765 000

We told you about the Adria Twin Sport the other day, when we wrote about news on the KABE/Adria's Caravan & Motorhome Fair 2021. This variant is equipped with a pop-up tent, where two people can sleep. When the roof tent is folded down, it is barely 20 cm high and hardly noticeable. We liked this one!

4th Sun Living V 65 XL

  • Length: 6.36 metres
  • Maximum weight: 3500 / 4250 kg
  • Number of beds: 4
  • Price from: SEK 639 000

As usual, Sun Living offers wallet-friendly options for those looking for a motorhome or campervan. These vehicles are also suitable for those who want to live an active life, perhaps cycling or hiking in the countryside.

At first we thought it looked a bit "bus-like" when we looked in the back, but the seats can be folded up and you can store bicycles or similar. The beds are hoisted down from above!

5th Affinity by KABE

  • Length: 6.36 metres
  • Maximum weight: 3500 / 4000 kg
  • Number of beds: 4
  • Standard price: SEK 949 000

The Affinity is a flatbed presented by KABE, but is not produced in Tenhult where the company's other cars are produced, but in Poland. Two cars are shown at the fair, one with the rear bed folded down but no beds in the front ...

And another one with the rear bed folded up and the front beds made up... We were a bit taken with this one. Cool, smart and cosy!

6. KABE van 690 LB

  • Length: 6.96 metres
  • Maximum weight: 4100 kg
  • Number of beds: 2-4
  • Standard price: 1 150 000 SEK

Last but not least we looked at KABE's van with Mercedes chassis. Peter tried another, larger, motorhome with Mercedes chassis and it was fantastic to drive. Maybe this one is too! From the outside this is a really cool and stylish van, but from the inside it feels a bit more ordinary.

Ploughshares 2021 - what do you think?

As we look around at all the new flatbed trucks in 2021, we find many great cars that make you want to go on an adventure. Do you have one, or would you like to have one? If so, what do you think is most important in the interior design?

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