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Snibbens Camping in the High Coast - peaceful with views

Snibbens Camping in Höga kusten is located on a headland with fantastic views. You come here to enjoy the tranquillity and nature, and perhaps to swim, cycle, paddle or visit various exciting places in the High Coast World Heritage Site.


Snibbens Camping

The campsite, which also has a holiday village and hostel, won the Campers' Choice award in 2022 for its beautiful location, and it's easy to see why. The views from here are stunning.

Snibbens Camping i Höga kusten
Snibbens Camping i Höga kusten

Snibbens Camping is just two kilometres from the High Coast Bridge, between Härnösand and Kramfors.

By motorhome or caravan at Snibben's campsite

Staying with a motorhome or caravan at Snibbens Camping is perfect for those who want to enjoy a nice spot with a great view. We chose one of the pitches overlooking the water and we didn't regret it.

Snibbens Camping i Höga kusten

How amazing is it to be able to look out over the water? One second it was sunny and windless, with the water totally mirrored. The next moment, the wind picked up.

Snibbens Camping i Höga kusten

We enjoyed both the evening and the morning in our beautiful location.

A short walk away, we had service centres, which were very fresh and even a little "spruced up".


Cottages, hostels or "vantell".

If you're not travelling with your own motorhome, caravan or tent, you can stay in a cabin, which is available in various forms. There are also hostels and 'vantell', which we understand is a cross between a hostel and a hotel.

Restaurant with a view

Snibbens camping is not super close to other restaurants or eateries, so it is perfect that there is a restaurant on the campsite. However, we were here in the pre-season, just before the restaurant, Snibbens Strandcafé & Grill, had opened.

Beautiful morning at Snibbens campsite

We enjoyed a stunningly beautiful morning at Snibbens camping, with incredible views and beautiful reflections in the water.

Speglingar i vatten
Speglingar i vatten
Utsikt från Snibbens Camping i Höga kusten

Activities in and around the campsite

So, what can you do at the campsite? First and foremost, you can relax. Many people come here just to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, and maybe read a good book in the sun on a camping chair.

There is a child-friendly beach with a playground and jetties. There is also a wood-fired sauna, with a terrace and bathing jetty.

Peter på Snibbens Camping i Höga kusten

If you want to experience even more views, there is a 1.5 kilometre long hiking trail up Prästberget, which is just behind the campsite. From the vantage point you have a mile-wide view of the High Coast, the High Coast Bridge and the large and small Sandö Bridge.

You can also go on bike rides (mountain bikes and electric bikes are available for hire), go fishing, play mini-golf or hire a SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), canoe, pedalo or small motor boat.


Or, as I said, you choose to do nothing. Sometimes it's not so bad either ...

Helena från FREEDOMtravel

More to see and do in the neighbourhood

Snibbens Camping is located in the High Coast and there is of course a lot to see and experience in the surroundings. Just south of the campsite you will find the pleasant town of Härnösand and Hemsö Fortresswhich is a very interesting place to visit.

If you head north instead, you can see the very special open-air museum memories of man. Read all our tips on things to do in the High Coast. Below you will find even more tips on things to see and do in Ångermanland.

All our top tips about Ångermanland: click on the image

Have you been to Snibbens Camping?

We had a great time at Snibbens camping, and would have liked to stay a little longer. Have you also been here? How was your experience?

Facts about Snibbens Camping

  • Address: Snibben 109, 870 16 Ramvik.
  • Municipality: Härnösand municipality
  • County: Västernorrland County
  • Landscape: Ångermanland
  • Location: Snibbens Camping is located in the High Coast, between Kramfors and Härnösand.
  • Accommodation: You can stay with your own motorhome/caravan/tent or in a cabin. There are self-catering cabins and camping cabins, with 2 or 4 beds. It is also possible to stay in a hostel, in a vantel (hostel/hotel) or in a caravan.
  • Service: Electricity, garbage collection, toilets and showers, fresh water filling and grey and black water emptying.
  • Food service: The restaurant, Snibbens Strandcafé & Grill, is open in the summer.
  • Prices: Prices vary depending on the type of accommodation, time of year, etc. Motorhome/caravan pitches currently cost from 330 kr/day in the high season (2023).
  • Activities: Enjoy the location and nature, hike to a viewpoint or visit attractions in the High Coast.
  • Read more: You can find more information at the camping site.

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