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Avoid fines on car holidays

It's hard to keep track of traffic rules in all the different European countries, and if you're unlucky you can be fined heavily. Aftonbladet warns of the biggest risks. We summarise them below. Have you ever been fined while driving abroad?

  • Remember the decal - Required on motorways in Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria (Slovenia: €2,700 fine).
  • Skipping 'assistive devices' - Police radios, laser and radar detectors are not popular (Italy: €26,000 fine).
  • Do not talk on a mobile phone - Illegal in most countries, and in Spain you can't even hold a soft drink in your hand... (Spain: €2,700 fine).
  • Do not drive with alcohol in your body - There are, of course, more reasons than the fines (Italy: €12,000 fine).
  • Bring a breathalyser to France - Required by a new law (France: €100 fine)
  • Avoid Italy's no-go zones - In some zones, only residents and commercial traffic are allowed to drive.
  • Fasten your seat belt - (Greece: €1100 fine)
  • In addition, you must include warning triangles (sometimes two) and extra light bulbs (!) in some countries
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