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Snow chaos in Stockholm - and in our marina

Yesterday I showed pictures of our houseboat with a light covering of snow and wrote about how it is living in a houseboat in winter. Then came the real winter and struck, with snow chaos in Stockholm. We woke up with the houseboat lying at an angle in the water and it was actually quite nice to have something else to think about than, well you know ... that election.

Waking up in a crooked houseboat

"Why are we on a slant?", we wondered as we (leaning slightly) started making breakfast yesterday morning. It was not windy, but rather calm. Of course it was the snow! It was not little snow that came during the night and probably blew while it was snowing because all the wet snow settled on one half of the boat, and water is known to be heavy.

I usually say that we don't have to shovel here, and that's true when it comes to the piers. But yesterday Peter actually had to shovel the boat four times. He was even up on the roof shovelling ...

Vår husbåt i vintervädret
Our houseboat in winter weather

Trying to get to and from work

The next challenge for me was, of course, getting to and from work, not an easy project. In the morning I waited 40 minutes for the bus, but then it actually arrived. When I went home, it was worse. "No buses", a girl shouted as I stood hopefully at the bus stop. Just start walking, then.

As the crow flies, it is not at all far between KI and Pampas marinabut because of railways and other problems it is a rather difficult detour. Yesterday that road also went through heavy snow at times, with a constant view of cars stuck, trains at a standstill and lorries skidding at junctions.

På väg till jobbet på morgonen
On the way to work in the morning
Ingen som vill sitta på Sjökrogens uteservering just nu ...
No one who wants to sit on Sjökrogen's outdoor terrace right now ...

Busy on the streets and in the marina

Funnily enough, it felt busier than usual outside yesterday. It was full of people walking and everyone was talking to each other. I joined a girl for a bit, when we both got stuck in front of a railway crossing with a stationary train.

When I got down to the marina and our dock, it was full of life. One of the aqua villas was playing music at high volume and everywhere people were shovelling - on the roof and on the deck. I got into conversation with several neighbours and as usual it took a while before I got inside ... Were you also out in the snow chaos yesterday? How was your day?

På vägen hem träffar man förstås grannar som skottar och vill prata
Of course, on the way home you meet neighbours who are shooting and want to talk.
Fin båt, men kanske inte rätt väder för en båttur?
Nice boat, but maybe not the right time of year for a boat trip?

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