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Nyckelviken nature reserve in Nacka

Nyckelviken Nature Reserve in Nacka is a popular outdoor area that offers beautiful nature, lovely views of the water and a fine manor house. The nature reserve is great for those who want to enjoy nature, and there are also a lot of activities for families with children.


Key Bay Nature Reserve

Nyckelviken Nature Reserve is located on the shores of Saltsjön in Nacka, just outside Stockholm. Here, wild and wonderful nature meets, and yet it is so close to the city that from the cliffs you have a view of Djurgården, Lidingö and Fjäderholmarna.

Nyckelvikens naturreservat

A day in Nyckelviken Nature Reserve

We took the car to Nyckelviken nature reserve one day last week. We parked and started walking down towards the water. The first thing we noticed were the superfine the rubbish bins.

Soptömning i Nyckelvikens naturreservat

Stora Nyckelviken - Nyckelviken Manor

We then shortly came down to the manor house Stora Nyckelviken, which you can also see in the top picture. The mansion was built in 1743 as a summer residence for Herman Petersén, a director of the East India Company. In the 1760s, the "billiard wing" was built for the new owner, French ambassador Louis Auguste le Tonellier de Breteuil. Today it houses a café and conference and banqueting facilities.

Nyckelvikens herrgård

The manor also has two red wings, stables, a barn, a garden and a small octagonal gazebo. One of the wings now houses the Nacka local history museum. On the shore of Saltsjön there is also a small 18th century property called "Lilla Nyckeviken".

Nyckelvikens naturreservat

Family activities in Nyckelviken Nature Reserve

We saw quite a few families with children in the nature reserve, and it's not hard to understand why. Various activities for children are sometimes organised here, such as pony rides and an agricultural school. There is also a playground and nice places to sit down and eat your own packed lunch.

Nyckelviken - lovely view of the water

One of the best things about this nature reserve is the view. Absolutely stunning! Standing by the steep cliffs and watching the seabirds circle around you, you feel like you're in the middle of the countryside. In fact, you're not far from the city at all.


Hiking trails and nature

There are two different exercise trails in Nyckelviken. The yellow trail (5100 m) is an unlit loop between Nyckelviken and Skuru. The blue trail (5700 m) is a slightly more demanding hiking trail with height differences and beautiful viewpoints.

We started on one trail, but then we ended up taking slightly different routes. I don't know if it's because we are inexperienced hikers, or if we just don't have enough discipline to stick to the same trail. Anyway, it was nice everywhere!

At one point we came down to a lovely little sandy beach. What you see on the other side, very close, is Fjäderholmarna.

Strand i Nyckelvikens naturreservat

There are plenty of birds in the nature reserve and there should also be frogs. We didn't see any, but maybe it's the wrong time of year to see them now?
Grodor i Nyckelvikens naturreservat

Ravines in Nyckelviken Nature Reserve

There are two gorges in Nyckelviken Nature Reserve. We followed the path down through the Rosendal ravine, and it really felt like walking through a fairytale forest. A small stream runs in the centre of the ravine and huge deciduous trees rise all around. If you don't look up, you can stumble on gnarled roots and here and there you can see huge fallen tree trunks.

There is also another gorge, or rift valley, which has the dramatic name "Hell Hole". We didn't make it here, so this place is left for you to discover!


A nice day at Nyckelviken Nature Reserve

We had a really nice day in Nyckelviken nature reserve, with fantastic weather. The picture shows us on a rock in the reserve, with Fjäderholmarna and Stockholm in the background.

Selfie vid Nyckelvikens naturreservat

Have you visited the Nyckelviken Nature Reserve in Nacka? What did you think?

Facts about Nyckelviken Nature Reserve

  • Size: 134 hectares
  • Formation: 1990
  • Municipality: Nacka municipality (Sicklaön district)
  • Location: The nature reserve is bordered to the west by Jarlaberg and Bergs oljehamn, to the south by Värmdöleden and to the east by Skuru.

Animals and nature

  • Nature: Hilly cultural landscape with forest, park, meadows, hayfields, cliffs and ravines.
  • Trees: Hardwood forest with oak and linden, among others. There are also spruce, pine, birch, aspen, glass birch and holly.
  • Plants: These include the "plague crow" which was used as a medicinal plant in the Middle Ages and the protected orchid Adam and Eve.
  • domesticated mammals: Horses, cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and rabbits.
  • Birds: Barn owls, wood pigeons and others.

Services in Nyckelviken Nature Reserve

  • Raststuga: At the stables there is a heated picnic hut where you can eat your packed lunch.
  • Rest areas and barbecue areas: There are several picnic and barbecue areas in the nature reserve.
  • Serving: Nyckelviken Manor has a café and lunch, with certain opening hours.

Activities in Nyckelviken Nature Reserve

There are many activities for adults and children in Nyckelviken Nature Reserve. See Nacka municipality's website or the manor's website for current opening hours.

  • Hiking and exercise: There are plenty of footpaths and two jogging tracks, the yellow track (5100 metres) and the blue track (5700 metres). There is also an outdoor gym.
  • Cultural promenade: One of Nacka municipality's cultural walks is in the nature reserve. Can be found via the app "Nacka's nature map".
  • Local history museum: The local history museum shows how people lived in the past. Admission is free.
  • Dog walking: You can walk your dog, and there is also a dog park.
  • Cycling: There are cycle paths.
  • Pony rides: With leaders, on weekends.
  • Horse hire: Ponies can be hired on certain days of the week.
  • Little Agricultural School: Activity for pre-schools and primary schools.
  • 4H club: The Nackaviken 4H club operates on Saturdays.
  • Farmhouse: Farmhouse with animals, open at weekends.
  • Display garden and greenhouse: Herb garden, orchard and more. Best viewed in summer. Adjacent is a greenhouse
  • Playground: Playground available.
  • Bath: Swimming from cliffs or small sandy beaches.
  • Events: Various events are organised in the nature reserve. The biggest celebration is the Midsummer celebration, but there are also events at Christmas, May Day and Key Bay Day.
  • Conference and party: At Nyckelviken Manor, Christmas dinners etc. are organised, and you can also book conferences or private parties.

Rules in the Nyckelviken Nature Reserve

Visitors to the area must follow the rules and regulations. It is not allowed to:

  • Destroying or damaging fixed natural objects
  • Damage trees, shrubs or other vegetation
  • Disrupting wildlife
  • Bringing an off-leash dog (except in the fenced-in dog park)
  • Horse riding (except for organised pony rides)
  • Camping
  • Fires (except in designated barbecue areas)

Find the Nyckelviken Nature Reserve

  • Car: Take road 222, exit towards Nacka centrum and turn left at the roundabout. Follow signs for Jarlaberg and Nyckelviken. Parking is available along Nyckelviksvägen.
  • Bus: You can travel from Slussen to Jarlaberg and Ektorp. The nearest stop is Bråvallaplan. You can also get off at Ektorp centre or Nacka hospital, and walk from Ektorp school.

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