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Mostar, Bosnia

Yesterday we made a small journey from Hvar in Croatia to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar is partly known for being one of the most attractive tourist resorts in the province of Herzegovina, and partly for the fierce fighting between Croats and Bosniaks during the Bosnian War and what came to be known as the "Battle of Mostar". This post is partly about the beautiful and interesting city of Mostar, and partly about our ongoing search for migraine medication ...


The journey from Hvar to Mostar

If you've been following the blog, you'll know that we've been chasing migraine medication for several days (or you can read about it in the here and hereThe medication I was given in Hvar obviously didn't help and when I woke up yesterday morning it was worse than ever. Since I was just crying and vomiting, Peter quickly packed the car and said "Let's go to Bosnia" (where, according to the doctor in Hvar, you can find "my" type of migraine medication).

It was a five-hour journey on winding roads across the island of Hvar, a ferry crossing and then a journey through green and lush Bosnia. All while vomiting into a bag all the way ...

Vägarna på Hvar har branta kanter - om man skulle köra utanför kanten är det mer än en meter ner till marken!
The roads on Hvar have steep edges - there is more than a metre to the ground on the edges!

The bridge in Mostar

By the time we arrived and parked in Mostar (there's a central campervan park for 25 kr/hour), I was strangely feeling a bit better. After a cup of Semper hydration, I was ready (well) to look around the city. You can't visit Mostar without seeing the bridge!

Stari Most (Old Bridge) is a historic bridge over the Neretva River in Mostar. Originally opened in 1566, it was destroyed on 9 November 1993 during the Bosnian war. After the war, the bridge was reconstructed and reopened on 23 July 2004. The bridge is 24 metres high and - although I thought it looked very high - there is a tradition of jumping from the bridge into the cold waters of the Neretva.

Bron i Mostar
Mostar bridge - Croats live on one side of the river and Bosnians on the other side
Två killar såg ut som att de tänkte hoppa, men efter ett tag gav de upp tanken och gick därifrån...
Two guys looked like they were going to jump, but after a while they gave up the idea and walked away ...

Visit to the pharmacy

What about the visit to the pharmacy? Yeah, they didn't have exactly the medicine I usually take at home, but they had a similar one with the same active ingredient. I also picked up two boxes of medicine containing codeine - I didn't even need a prescription for this.

Then we simply drove back to Croatia. Not to the island of Hvar again, but to the Makarska Riviera and the resort of Podaca, where we found a small and brand new (2 months since they opened) campsite. Today I have woken up without a headache and we will look around!

Mostar, i Bosnien och Hercegovina
A beautiful city with old Ottoman architecture, combined with Austrian style.

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