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Mallorca and Spain as a whole are very popular holiday destinations, not least among Swedes. Sun and swimming are major attractions, as are the festive atmosphere, beautiful views and environments. Spain offers many different destinations, of which Mallorca is one of them.

The mainland also offers more opportunities for activities. There are more nightclubs, land-based casinos and other activities. This is also available in Mallorca, but not to the same extent, but here you can of course turn to online casinos instead.

In this article, however, we will separate Mallorca from Spain to see what the differences are when it comes to holidaying on the popular tourist island compared to the mainland.

Five differences between Mallorca and Spain

The following differences are evident when it comes to holidaying in Mallorca and mainland Spain:

1. the mainland has more choices in terms of activities

Although Majorca While the mainland has fantastic activities that you're sure to love, it offers more choice. There are cities like Barcelona and Madrid where the possibilities are endless, such as attending world-class football matches or visiting physical casinos. In Mallorca, it's the TV or the internet for the same level of football, or online casinos such as

2. Spain offers better urban environments

Although there are urban environments in Mallorca, this is hardly why the island is so popular. If you want to stay in a metropolitan environment, the mainland is a much better option. There are large and popular cities such as Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, along with a handful of other cities that could be classed as major cities.

3. Mallorca has better beaches

Spain has many beautiful and popular beaches that offer fantastic experiences, but Mallorca has some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean. If you want chalk-white beaches and lots of sun and swimming, Mallorca is a better option than the mainland, and is even one of the best options in Europe.

4. You will meet more Swedes in Mallorca.

It is common knowledge that Mallorca is full of Swedes. If you want to be able to socialise with unknown Swedes on holiday, there is no better option than Mallorca. It's full of Swedish families with children, pensioners and 20-year-olds who want to party.

5. Mallorca offers an unrivalled festive atmosphere

The party possibilities are endless on the Spanish mainland, yet Mallorca offers a slightly better experience for those looking to party. Party animals flock here all year round, but in the warmer months of the year you'll find yourself crowded with thousands of like-minded people in one of the island's fantastic restaurants, nightclubs and pubs.


Mainland Spain and Mallorca offer similar experiences for those who don't look too closely. The mainland offers more opportunities for urbanisation and activities, while Mallorca has some of the best beaches and party environments in the Mediterranean.

However, both destinations are perfect for all kinds of people, such as party animals, retirees and families with children, thanks to their wide range of choices.

To know which option is best for you, you must first decide what is to be done on the trip and what is important to you. There are important differences, which you should take into account when choosing your destination.

You will certainly not be disappointed no matter which of these options you choose.

This post is a guest post. Please note that any opinions expressed in the article are those of the author.

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