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2D café on Öland - charming and unique at Mellböda farm.

A 2D café, what is it? We didn't know either until we visited one. But if we are to recommend a single place on Öland, it might be this one. Don't miss 2D Café Kex at Mellböda gård, on northern Öland! Here you can experience art, games, kite flying and delicious pastries.


2D café on Öland - Mellböda farm

A few months before we travelled to Öland, we received an email from Ann at Mellböda farm where she told us about "Sweden's first 2D café". Hm, interesting, but what did it mean? We saved the email in case we might go to Öland later. It was Öland, and we did not regret the visit to Mellböda farm and 2D Café Kex.

2D café Mellböda gård

Ann and Kex come from Germany, and it was Ann's love of Sweden that brought them here. Now they have been living on the farm for a long time and are engaged in all kinds of artistic and craft activities.

If you're wondering why they're not always open, it's because in the off-season they run practical labour assistance via the "German House Plot", and are unable to open the café until enough people arrive. But then again, they offer more than just a café.

2D café Mellböda gård

Mellböda farm is located on northern Öland, about 8 kilometres south of Böda Sand camping and about 5 miles north of Borgholm.

Art (that touches) in the stables

We first got to see the art centre, and we loved it. We were actually here at the wrong time, because the exhibitions hadn't really opened yet, but we loved the environment. What could be better than exhibiting art among the stalls of an old stable?

2D café Mellböda gård

Ann is an artist herself, and when she showed one of her artworks, it turned out that we had already seen it recently, at Öland's Himmelsberga museum. Just that I (Helena) spent a long time with the artwork. Ann does not make simple art, but raises questions about things that hurt a bit, such as trafficking and abuse of women. That's why she likes to give "art talks" about her work, but she also shows other artists in the stables.

2D café Mellböda gård

Lekladan - for our playful spirit

Next door to the art exhibition is the 'play barn'. Before, we might have thought that it was a big step between serious art and joyful play, but now it somehow felt the other way round. Like the step was quite short.

2D café och leklada

When we visited the play barn, it was not yet cleaned and organised for the season, so we couldn't take many photos, but we can tell you that we loved what we saw. Here you can play old school (where children are teachers and parents are students, of course) or build your own (loud!) pipelines with balls along the walls.

2D café och leklada

Toys (as they used to be)

There is also a toy shop in the barn, and we were thrilled. There are genuine wooden toys, well-crafted dolls and cards that unfold when you open them, all made from environmentally friendly materials. You want to buy everything, but that's not possible. At least we bought a present!

Kite flying at 2D Café

If Mellböda Farm is known for anything, it might be kite flying. Ann told us that kite flying is big in Germany and that she was surprised when she discovered that Swedes were not used to flying a kite, and often did not know how to do it. She wanted to show!
2D café Mellböda gård

Today, Mellböda gård has the largest selection of kites in southern Sweden. The best thing is that you can test fly most of the kites before you buy them. The farm also offers courses for children, where you can paint your own kites and then fly them.

Drakar Mellböda gård

Insect hotels, chickens and "guess the sound" toilets

Right next to the stable is a small insect hotel and a chicken enclosure, where the chickens may soon move in again.

The most fun was the old outhouse that had been remodelled. "Guess the noise and poo in the loo" it says. What!?

Mellböda gård

Yes, if you step inside, you can lift the toilet seats and look at artistically made "animal poo". You can also guess the sounds of different animals.

2D café Mellböda gård

Holiday apartment at 2D Café

Ann and Kex always have new ideas and one of their latest ideas involved building an apartment for overnight stays. "I wonder what colours we should use?" they thought, and then it became almost every colour of the rainbow. To utilise a space at the side, this became a sleeping hut, and when they had to build 'air holes' at the top, it became a 'sleeping castle'... No shortage of imagination!

Café, garden and cake rally

Now we've told you about all the "side activities", but at its core, Mellböda Farm is still a café. Kex is a trained pastry chef, which is one of the reasons why the couple started the café. Today you can eat their delicious cakes (including German apfelstrudel!) and enjoy their lovely garden.

During the Ascension weekend you can usually take part in Mellböda Gård's "cake rally". You order a cake that is served in a pot. When you have eaten the cake, you take the pot to Böda harbour where you get inspiration and a gift. Finally, you go to Torp in north-west Öland, where you get a cutting to plant.

2D café
Pot with cake, Photo: Mellböda farm

2D Café Kex

Let's talk about 2D Café Kex! After all, this is what attracted us to Mellböda Farm in the first place. And yes, it is cool! The whole room is painted in black and white, with great artistic skill, to achieve the feel of a two-dimensional cartoon world. Fascinating!

2D café Mellböda gård

We loved the creativity of this place! Visit for the 2D café, but also for the art and toys!

Where can you park your campervan overnight?

Just two kilometres from Mellböda Farm is Böda Harbour. There is Böda harbour's campsite, but also a parking space for motorhomes. There is a service building and electricity for a certain number of motorhomes.

See more in the neighbourhood

Not far from Mellböda farm is Böda Sand camping, which is known for its popularity and fine beaches. Even further north you will find Trollskogen and the northernmost part of Öland with the lighthouse Långe Erik. On the west coast, you can follow a beautiful road past Byxelkrok and Byrum raukar. If you drive further south, you can of course visit charming Borgholm and its surroundings.

The Långe Erik lighthouse in northern Öland

Have you visited Mellböda farm, or any other places on northern Öland? How was your experience? Do you have more tips on nice places to visit in the neighbourhood?

Facts about Mellböda 2D café

  • Address: Landsvägen Mellböda 74, Löttorp
  • Municipality: Borgholm municipality
  • County: Kalmar County
  • Landscape: Öland
  • Read more: You can find more information at the farm's website.

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