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What is important to you on your holiday abroad?

What is important to you on your holiday abroad? During our trip to Bulgaria, we started thinking about what's important to us when it comes to hotels, food and beaches - and how it might be for others. Now we're curious to hear how you think and prioritise!


'Good' or 'bad' - can it depend on your preferences?

Is a hotel good or bad? Does a restaurant serve good or boring food? Is a beach beautiful or not beautiful? Of course, there may be some objective measures, but it also depends on what you are looking for and what you think is important. In addition, the experience may be related to the price.

Two events during the trip in Bulgaria made us think and discuss a lot about how we and others "value" experiences on holiday abroad:

A hotel we didn't like very much

We stayed one night in a hotel that we did not like very much. The location was good and the rooms were nice, but we found the food boring and not very good. For us, food is a very important part of the trip, so therefore the "boring" food disturbed our experience. But maybe others think differently? That the location, price and all-inclusive model are more important than the food?

A beach we found paradise-like

We visited a beach that we thought was absolutely beautiful. We posted a picture on Instagram and wrote "paradise beach". One reader commented "njaaa". Maybe it was because we didn't manage to reproduce the beach well enough, or maybe this person simply had a different idea of what a beautiful beach should look like?

Bulgarian paradise beach or just "oh well" ... it's all in the eye of the beholder!

We started thinking about this and now we want to know how you think and prioritise hotels, food and beaches when travelling abroad!

What is most important to you when choosing a hotel?

We can stay in both simple and fancy hotels, but regardless, it is important for us that the staff is friendly and the food is well prepared. A decent location is also important! Extra luxuries like spas, gyms and pools are nice, but not necessary. The room may well be fresh, but does not have to be luxurious, we rarely spend so much time there ...

What is most important to you when choosing a hotel?

  • That the room is fresh?
  • That the service is good?
  • That the food is tasty and well prepared?
  • That it is all-inclusive so that both food and alcohol are included?
  • That the price is low/reasonable?
  • That the location is good for everything you want to see and do?
  • That there is a gym, spa or pool?
  • That it feels luxurious?
  • Other ...?

What is good food on holiday abroad for you?

When we're on holiday abroad, we like to eat everything from street food to fine dining (or in the camper van if we're travelling with it). For us, food is an important part of the experience and we like to feel that it's prepared with care. We like to try local food and things that are new to us, and different restaurant concepts are fun. We prefer to avoid excessively large buffets that feel like "big kitchens".

What is good food when travelling abroad for you?

  • The "right" kind of food, i.e. the kind you like?
  • Exciting exotic food that you don't eat at home?
  • Cheap/affordable food?
  • Good quality food?
  • The restaurant environment is more important than the food?
  • Other ...?

What kind of beaches do you like?

We don't spend much time on beaches anymore, but we like small beaches and coves, preferably framed by mountains or cliffs. It's a big plus if the water is clear and a beautiful colour. Mile-long beaches lined with big hotels are ok, but can feel quite impersonal.

What kind of beaches do you like?

  • Long or short?
  • Popular or obscure?
  • Fine-grained or stony?
  • Other ...?

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