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Spring's new camping gadgets

Now that I've started browsing around for melamine screens, I've also found myself browsing lots of other camping gear. When you look through the stores' news, you find lots of stuff that you didn't know existed ... or that you needed. There are both smart gadgets, and stuff that may be more in the category of "a little fun, but maybe not completely necessary".


News in the camping shops

Here are some of the new items available in camping shops. Are you looking for some new camping accessories this spring?

Fabric weights in the shape of animals

Animal-shaped tablecloths, 49 kr at

Djur duktyngder

Portable car wash

Easy wash Wecamp, portable camper van wash, £1495 at KAMA Leisure.


Extra baby bed

Extra child bed for the driver's cab, 3881 kr at Fritidstillbehö


Wine glass holder and bottle with ice flask

Wine glass holder, SEK 59 at and bottle with ice flask, SEK 49 at KAMA Fritid.


Tent pegs with LED lighting

Tent pegs with LED lighting, 39 kr at

Tältpinne med ledbelysning

Carpet for steps

Mat for footsteps, 93 kr at Fritidstillbehö

Matta till fotsteg

Solar lamp with stone look

Solar cell lamp with stone look, SEK 59 at


More camping gear for spring

Since publishing this post, we've had the chance to help develop a number of camping gadgets that will look great in your motorhome or caravan, or as a gift.

Coaster in the shape of a motorhome or caravan

Our silicone trivets are available in four variants: Motorhome Classic, Motorhome, Caravan Retro and Caravan. The trivets are made of the flexible, durable and environmentally friendly material silicone. Perfect for the mobile kitchen! Here you will find all trivets in our online shop.
Grytunderjägg husbil husvagn

Motorhome or caravan key rings

What is the perfect key ring for your motorhome or caravan? A key ring in the shape of a motorhome or caravan of course! The keyrings are made of durable silicone and are soft to carry in your pocket. You can choose from four different variants. Here you can find all key rings in our online shop.

Nyckelring Husbil husvagn

Dishcloth with motorhome or caravan

Who doesn't want a dishcloth that fits perfectly in their motorhome or caravan? These dishcloths are made in Sweden and you can choose from six different designs: Motorhome Classic, Motorhome, Caravan Retro, Caravan, Motorhome Pattern and Caravan Pattern. Here you will find all dishcloths in our online shop.

Disktrasa med husbil eller husvagn

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