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Interior design styles

In co-operation with Stonefactory

Now that we are renovating, we are thinking about interior design. We like many different types of interior design styles: modern, classic, colourful, exotic. Actually, all styles can be nice, if you dare to go all the way and do a little extra!


The only style I'm a bit tired of is "white and rural" (or whatever you want to call it). There have been so many blogs about that style that I've become over saturated ... Do you think about interior design style when you decorate, or does it just happen? Which style do you like?

When we lived in an apartment

When we lived in an apartment, we chose to decorate in an antique style, with stucco, marbling, antique furniture and marble tiles in the bathroom. A slightly odd choice of style perhaps, but since Peter liked to marble and mould stucco and since I inherited a lot of antique furniture from my grandmother, it was almost an obvious choice. However, moving that "castle" into the houseboat, it didn't feel quite right ...

Our bathroom was tiny (the shower cubicle is an extra small model), but with the help of large mirrors and a vaulted ceiling, it looked bigger!

When we live in a houseboat

In the houseboat we felt a little confused. At first we thought it would be "boat feeling" and maybe a little rough rustic. But the fact is that it is becoming more and more modern instead... Now we have black tiles and black modern wallpaper in the kitchen. Choosing tiles is fun, I think - there are so many beautiful varieties of stone today! What I like best is something that feels a bit rustic and "raw".

On you can browse a wide range of tiles online. You can also find paving stones, marble and mosaics, and order them directly to your home. We don't have much left to tile now, but maybe there will be a little mosaic detail in the bathroom... we'll see.

I husbåtens kök har vi ett svart kakel (på bilden är det nylagt och ser fortfarande lite dammigt ut...)
In the kitchen of the houseboat we have a black tile (in the picture it is freshly laid and still looks a bit dusty...)

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