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Working remotely - 8 ways to make money while travelling

Working remotely has become more and more common during the pandemic, which for many has had both positive and negative effects. On the positive side, we are becoming more and more free to work in different locations, thus making money while travelling. Here are eight tips on how to make money online while travelling.


1. Doing your regular job - remotely

Do you have a job that can mainly be managed remotely? Do you work at the computer and manage meetings via Zoom or Teams? If so, you might as well work from another location, such as a motorhome, holiday home or hotel. Work during the day and enjoy new views in the evenings and weekends!

2. Running your own business remotely

Do you have skills in SEO (search engine optimisation), web development, digital marketing, accounting, language editing, proofreading, translation or anything else that can be done digitally? Then maybe you can start your own business and consult or be hired by different companies. You can also freelance through companies like or Fiverr.

3. Starting a website, blog or Youtube channel

Setting up a website, blog or YouTube channel doesn't automatically mean income will flow in, but if you have a good idea can you can make these businesses profitable. You can start a site about anything you like, whether it's lifestyle, health, technology or perhaps online gaming. Click here to see an example of such a site. If the site gets a lot of visitors, you can make money from advertising or affiliate marketing, i.e. getting paid per click or purchase when displaying a product.

4. Engaging in e-commerce

One way to make money online is to run an e-commerce business, i.e. some form of online store. However, if you want to be able to travel, you will need to arrange for someone to post and pack the products, or alternatively, you can use 'dropshipping'. This means that you receive the orders, but then pass the order on to another company that stocks and dispatches the products.

5. Trading in shares

If you want to make money from shares, you need to have a lot of knowledge. Otherwise there is a risk of losing money instead. However, some people manage to make a living from, for example, day trading, i.e. stock trading where you buy and sell on the same day.

6. Selling texts or photos

Are you a good writer or photographer? Texts can be sold to different types of newspapers, but you can also produce texts for a content agency, for example. Photos can be sold through your own website or to various image banks.

7. Renting out your home

If you are going to be travelling for a long time, you may want to rent out your house, apartment or holiday home. There are many different sites where you can find tenants. If guests are going to change while you're away, you'll need to make practical arrangements for keys and cleaning between guests.

8. Working as a telemarketer, telephone interviewer or market researcher

Other jobs that can be done remotely are telemarketers, telephone interviewers or market researchers. Check job websites to see which jobs can be done remotely.

Working remotely - more ways to make money while travelling?

Do you have more suggestions on how to work remotely and earn money while travelling? Feel free to share!

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