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Join us for a fair and adventure in Denmark

Finally on the road again! We have left for Denmark where we will visit the travel and camping fair "Ferie for alle". It will be really fun to visit the fair, but also fun just to get out on a mini-trip.


Flight Stockholm - Copenhagen

As you read this, we are already in Denmark. We flew with Norwegian from Stockholm to Copenhagen. The journey takes just under an hour, so it barely feels like you've reached altitude before you start landing.

For those wondering, face masks were no longer required on these flights, but face masks are still required at Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport.

Copenhagen welcomed us with sunshine, five plus degrees and strong winds. A little spring feeling anyway!

Train to the centre of Copenhagen

We started by taking the train from Kastrup to Hovedbanegården (Central Station) in Copenhagen, which took 13 minutes.

Then it was lunch at the centre and a few hours to "kill" before continuing our journey to Herning in Jutland, where the fair is held.

A few hours in Copenhagen

We only had a few hours in Copenhagen, so we didn't have more than lunch, a walk in the area around Hovedbanegården and a nice moment on a bench in the sun. But that wasn't bad either! Here are some recent photos from Copenhagen.

Continuing the journey

After this, it was time for us to continue our journey, by train from Copenhagen to Herning in Jutland. The train journey takes around three hours, but we got good seats with tables and access to electricity, so the trip worked out fine. Now it's almost time to continue the adventure!

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This time we haven't prepared many other texts, so there will be several "here and now" reports from Denmark and the fair. Don't miss it!

Lately, I must also admit that I have treated Instagram a little stepmotherly, and have been bad at updating. I hope that now that we're travelling again, I'll be able to do so! So don't forget to follow us on social media:

By the way, have you spent much time in Denmark? How do you like travelling in Denmark?

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