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Axmar Brygga - car park, restaurant and mill

Axmar Brygga is a lovely seaside restaurant - with a very popular caravan park - beautifully situated on the east coast, right next to the historic Axmar Mill. It's a great place to make a stop on your way through Sweden.


Axmar Brygga Havskrog

Axmar Brygga Havskrog has really succeeded in creating an attractive place. The restaurant, equipped with large windows facing the sea, offers seafood and other delicacies. Right next door is a motorhome parking area with all the services you need, including some fun new ideas... like a "motorhome lounge" for example!

Axmar brygga

Axmar Brygga Havskrog is located on the east coast, about five kilometres north of Gävle.

Nice parking space at Axmar Brygga Havskrog.

Right next to the restaurant Axmar Brygga Havskrog, overlooking the water, is a very popular site. For a night with electricity you pay SEK 245/day (2023), which includes toilet, shower, emptying of grey and black water, garbage collection and the possibility of filling fresh water. In addition to the 32 electric pitches, there are eight pitches without electricity, at a cost of 195 SEK/day (2023).

It feels like they are investing in, and listening to, motorhome tourists here. For example, you get a discount if you choose to stay two nights. The service centre is also brand new and includes, in addition to the above-mentioned services, a dishwasher with a microwave and a washing machine.

Its popularity is not surprising given its location, service and the opportunity to enjoy a great meal at the restaurant. Of course, the most popular time to visit is during the summer, when the restaurant is open. However, the car park is open all year round, although it is unmanned when the restaurant is closed.

To be sure of getting a seat, it is a good idea - at least during high season and sunny holidays - to book a seat in advance, which you can do via restaurant website.

However, if you come when it is full, there are extra places on the Square at the Barn next to the English Park. There is always room here, you pay SEK 99 with Swish (2023) and you can use the facilities of the car park.

Axmar brygga ställplats

Axmar Brygga Havskrog - visiting the restaurant

Many people come to Axmar Brygga to visit the restaurant, and we didn't want to miss this experience either.

Axmar brygga

Although the whole restaurant is very cosy, the seats by the big windows are the most popular, and it's not hard to understand why.

Axmar Brygga Havskrog focuses on the delights of the sea, although of course there are also some meat dishes and vegetarian options on the menu. We chose "Axmar Trerätters" - a menu with two different choices for each dish.

For our part, it was a start with the popular "Axmarröran" (so good!), continued with fried red tongue fillet and finished with vanilla ice cream and warm cloudberry jam. A very good dinner that we really enjoyed!

Axmar brygga havskrog

A motorhome lounge - what is it?

The restaurant also has a motorhome lounge, but what exactly is it? Well, at Axmar Brygga Havskrog they have discovered that motorhome people like to socialise. So they have set up a cosy corner, where coffee is offered if you have booked a motorhome pitch. Here you can settle down after your afternoon walk, or perhaps after dinner if you want to sit and bubble for a while with like-minded ...

Axmar brygga husbilslounge
The motorhome lounge at Axmar Brygga Havskrog (a little later it was full here ...).

Things to see and do at Axmar Bridge and Works

Axmar Brygga Havskrog is nicely located by the sea, but also close to the historic Axmar Bruk mill. As well as enjoying a luxurious dinner at the restaurant and hanging out in the motorhome lounge, there are plenty of other things to do during a visit. Here are our top tips.

1. visit Axmar Bruk

Axmar Bruk was established in 1621 and in 2021 it celebrated 350 years. Today, the former ironworks is a growing visitor destination and the only one in Gästrikland. cultural reserve. You can read about guided tours and other activities on the mill's website.

Axmar bruk

2. check out the shipwrecks

Not far from Axmar Brygga Havskrog are some sunken shipwrecks. For example, the galleass Svanen, which sank in 1820, may be located here. The wreck is said to be visible from the surface. It was not as easy to see it from the shore, but the information signs have interesting stories to tell.

ostkusten Sverige

3. Strolling in English Park

At Axmar Mill there is a beautiful English park. Here you can stroll along streams and over bridges, and see the gazebo and the site of the old castle.

4. Spend a night in Iron Britain's hut

In the centre of the English Park is the artwork 'Iron Britain's hut'. The work has found inspiration from nature and foliage, but the most fascinating thing is that you can actually spend the night here. The site is booked via Axmar Bruk.

Järn-Britas koja

5. Coffee at Axmar brukscafé

Axmar brukscafé is located at the entrance to the English Park. It offers coffee, sandwiches, light lunches and beer and wine.


6. Shop in the farm shop

Near Axmar Bruk, at the STF Axmar Bruksbod B&B hostel, there is a tiny farm shop. Here you can buy things like flavoured rapeseed oil and various interior design products, which are paid for by Swish.


7. See arts and crafts at Bläckhornet.

Galleri Bläckhornet, located in an old granary by the pier, is open during the high season. Here you can buy art and crafts from local artists and craftsmen.

Bläckhornet galleri

8. Discover nature

If you like nature, there is plenty to discover in and around Axmar Brygga and Axmar Bruk.

  • Bathing places can be found, for example, at the kayak pier, on Kusön, in Axmarby and in Finnharsfjärden. You can also swim in various lakes.
  • Cycling tours can be made, for example to Trollharen fishing village, to Gåsholma fishing village or to Tönnebro.
  • Kayak, canoe or SUP board can be rented at Axmar Kajak. It is also possible to make long trips, with overnight stays on Kusön, for example.
  • Nature reserve There are several, mainly Axmar nature reserve, but also Skärjån nature reserve, Häckelsäng bog and Gnagmur nature reserve, Svartstensudden nature reserve and Skämningsön nature reserve.
  • Hikes there are various, such as Lilla bruksrundan (1.5 km), Stora bruksrundan (4 km), Överhammaren (5 km), Flottningsstigen (6 km) and Kyrkstigen (9.3 km).
Axmar brygga

Film from Axmar Brygga and Axmar Bruk

Peter put together a short film of our visit which you can watch here...

More to see and do in the neighbourhood

There is of course more to see and do in the neighbourhood of Axmar Brygga and Axmar Bruk. If you are travelling south along the coast, you can visit the beautiful Lövstabruk, interesting Lingnåre Cultural Reserve and the charming caravan park in Sikhjälma harbour.

Sikhjälma harbour is nice

Have you visited Axmar Brygga and Bruk?

Have you visited Axmar Brygga and Bruk? How was your experience? Please tell us!

Frequently asked questions about Axmar Brygga

What is Axmar pier?

Axmar Brygga is a historic wooden jetty located on the coast in Axmarby, Gävleborg County, Sweden. Here you will find today Axmar Brygga Havskrog with parking spaces for motorhomes.

Are there any activities or attractions near Axmar brygga?

Absolutely! Near Axmar Brygga you can visit Axmar Bruk, a well-preserved ironworks from the 17th century. There are also opportunities for hiking, canoeing and cycling in the area.

Is there anywhere to stay near Axmar pier?

Axmar Bruksbod B&B is located right next to the English Park. It is also possible to rent a cottage or stay in the artwork Iron Briton's hut.

Facts about Axmar Brygga and Axmar Bruk

  • Landscape: Gästrikland
  • County: Gävleborg County
  • Municipality: Gävle municipality
  • District: Hamrånge district

Practical info about Axmar Brygga Havskrog

  • Address: Hamnmagasinet, 60, Boskär, 817 94 Axmar.
  • Menu: Fish, seafood, meat, game and vegetarian options and specialities such as Axmarröra.
  • Opening hours: Mainly during the summer months. See the restaurant's website for current opening hours.
  • Read more: You can find more information at restaurant website.

Practical info about Axmar Brygga car park

  • Address: Hamnmagasinet, 60, Boskär, 817 94 Axmar.
  • Service: Toilets, showers, grey and black water drainage, fresh water supply, dishwasher and washing machine.
  • Opening hours: All year round, but unmanned when the restaurant is closed.
  • Booking: You can book on the restaurant's website.

Practical info about Axmar Bruk

  • Address: Axmarstig 209, 817 94 Axmar
  • Activities: The mill's website provides information on guided tours, exhibitions and other activities.
  • Read more: You can find more information at the mill's website.

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