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Berth in Sikhjälma harbour - scenic area at Hållnäs

This motorhome weekend started with us going to a site in Sikhjälma harbour, on the Hållnäs headland in Tierp municipality. We had a special reason to come here, but this is also a beautiful place by the sea. Here you can, among other things, experience the Kapplasse nature reserve and fantastic sunsets.


To Sikhjälma harbour

We drove to Sikhjälma and Sikhjälma harbour already on Thursday after work. Peter's father passed away a little while ago, after a period of illness, and Peter's mother lives nearby. Peter and his brothers now travel here regularly to help their mum with various practical matters. This weekend we decided to combine the visit with a little weekend trip in the motorhome.

Ställplats i Sikhjälma hamn, Hållnäs

Sikhjälma is located on the Hållnäs headland in the municipality of Tierp, about 100 kilometres north of Stockholm.

Sikhjälma harbour

Sikhjälma Harbour is an old fishing harbour by the sea. Fishing has been practised here for a long time, and the red boathouses by the sea are a reminder of what life might have been like here about 100 years ago.

Ställplats i Sikhjälma hamn
Sikhjälma hamn

Berth in Sikhjälma harbour

There is a car park in Sikhjälma harbour, and we recently read about it on the Reiselinda's blog. When they were here, there was access to a toilet, but this is currently closed due to the coronavirus. However, you can stand in the car park (a car park without service, signposted "car park"). You do not have a view of the sea from the car park, but it is very close to walk.

There is a sign saying that you should swish 100 SEK/day to Sikhjälma village community, which we did. It felt ok to support the local community, even if there is no service. Under "normal" circumstances, however, you can use the boat harbour's toilet, even though it is not part of the site.

Ställplats i Sikhjälma hamn

Dinner at the campsite

We arrived late in the evening and it was almost nine o'clock before we had dinner. On the other hand, it was still hot and the fresh pike-perch (which we had bought in the supermarket... The world of food for 179 SEK/kg) tasted really good.

Middag på ställplats i Sikhjälma hamn
Gös - middag på ställplats i Sikhjälma

Sunset at Sikhjälma lighthouse

After dinner, we made our way through a small forest path and out to the rocky coast, where we watched the sun set over the sea.

Here, on the Hållnäs headland, you can watch the sun rise and set. On the rocks at Marskär is also the charming little Sikhjälma lighthouse. Magically beautiful!

Solnedgång vid Sikhjälma hamn, Hållnäs
Sikhjälma hamn
Sikhjälma fyr

Cape class nature reserve

A short walk from the car park in Sikhjälma harbour you will find a sign showing the way to the Kapplasse nature reserve. Here you will find a wild and weathered stone landscape with several large "stone squares", i.e. open landscapes filled with stone.

Kapplasse klippan

Kapplasse is a ridge of grey-red granite filled with cracks. As the waves roll in, the rock breaks into smaller stones, which are then rounded by the water and moved upwards by land uplift. That's how these special stone castles were formed.
Kapplasse naturreservat
Sikhjälma - Kapplasse naturreservat

More to see and do around the Sikhjälma harbour site

Sikhjälma harbour is a relatively secluded place on the coast, but despite this there is a lot to see and experience in the area. There is a culture reserve, a Viking and medieval trail and a large number of graves from the Iron Age. We will tell you more about this in a separate post!

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