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Salsta Castle in Uppland - castle café, guided tours and ghosts

Salsta Castle is a beautiful 17th century baroque castle. We were fascinated by the beautiful building when we arrived, and as darkness fell we listened to the captivating ghost stories. The next morning we had an interesting guided tour of the castle and its history.


Salsta Castle

Salsta Castle feels a bit magical somehow. Or maybe that feeling comes from listening to the ghost stories? Either way, Salsta Castle has a long and interesting history. If you also want to listen to the ghost stories, you can hear them at Spotify.

Salsta slott
Salsta slott
Salta Castle, formerly Saalstad from Suecia work

Salsta Castle is located in Uppland, about 2.5 kilometres north of Uppsala.

A beautiful baroque castle emerged

Ever since the 13th century, there has been an estate on what was originally a headland in Lake Salsta. Today the lake is no longer there, having been drained, but the nature around the castle is lush and green.

The first castle was burnt down in the 16th century and Niels Bielke the Elder then built a new Renaissance castle. Nils Bielke the younger, grandson of his namesake, took over the castle and gave it as a morning gift to his wife Eva Horn when they married in 1669. However, he didn't think the castle was grand enough and demolished most of it to build a new one. The baroque castle we see today was built in the 1670s.

The castle was inhabited until 1976, and is exciting because rooms have been preserved from completely different centuries of the castle's history. Today the castle is owned by the National Property Board and leased by "Alla tiders slott och kultur AB".

Legends and ghosts at Salsta Castle

We arrived at Salsta Castle in the late afternoon, and after some googling and emailing, we saw that there was the possibility of a guided tour the next day. Fantastic! We stayed in the car park overnight, after listening to the ghost stories ...


In the evening, an intense fog slid in over the area, as if to manifest the presence of all the ghosts. We thought, for example, of the boy who was locked up in the basement after stealing a cake, but who was gone when it was time to let him out. The one who can still be heard shouting "Let me out!"? ...

Guided tour of the castle halls

The next day we took a guided tour, and we highly recommend this if you have the opportunity! The rooms in the castle are beautiful, and tell about different periods in history.

salsta slott salong

Among other things, we were able to look into the Isabella Chamber, which according to legend was set up for a visit by the widowed Queen Hedvig Eleonora (1636-1715). The room's name comes from the off-white colour of the side damask, which in turn was named after the Spanish princess Isabella.

Isabellkammaren Salsta slott

We also took a look at the Palace Chapel. The chapel was completed in 1711 and is very magnificent.
Salsta slott slottskapellet

Another beautiful room is the music room, with interiors dating back to the 1810s, when the castle was inhabited by Count Erik Magnus Brahe.

Did everyone stay luxuriously and exclusively at the castle? Of course not. Over the years, there has been a big difference between gentlemen and servants. If you want to hear more, feel free to book a guided tour!

Ice cream at the castle café

The Castle Café at Salsta Castle is located in the Garden Hall at the back of the castle. This used to be a completely open room facing the garden, but now there are doors into the café. When we were here, however, the weather was fantastic, so we chose to sit outside.

Salsta slott

We had our fill of ice cream, so we ordered ice cream even though there was only expensive ice cream in glasses. We can't say that the ice cream was affordable, but the view and the occasion were affordable. All in all, it was a very nice and interesting visit to Salsta Castle!

More to see in the neighbourhood

Have you visited Salsta Castle and want to see more nearby? We can recommend, among other things, a visit to the fine vallonbruken Österbybruk, Forsmark and Lövstabruk. There are also great coastal destinations such as fine Öregrund, Grisslehamn with our 7 tips and Norrtälje which we have several tips about.

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Have you visited Salsta Castle?

Have you been to Salsta Castle? How was your experience? Do you have any other tips to share? Please tell us?

Facts about Salsta Castle

  • Address: Salsta-Lena 63, Vattholma
  • Municipality: Uppsala
  • County: Uppsala County
  • Landscape: Uppland
  • Architect: Mathias Spihler, after drawings by Nicodemus Tessin the Elder
  • Developer: Nils Bielke the younger
  • Completion: 1679
  • Style: Empire
  • Owners: State Property Agency
  • Read more: You can find more information at the castle's website.

Tours and activities

  • Views: Guided tours of the castle are given, including a children's walk and the ghost walk "Tales from Salsta Castle". Group tours can also be booked.
  • Open castle: A self-guided tour of the castle is available on exclusive occasions.
  • Music at Salsta Castle: Sometimes concerts are organised.
  • Venue hire: Premises in the castle can be rented.
  • Salstaleden: The area includes the Salstaleden trail, which runs through the natural and cultural landscape between Vattholma and Skyttorp. The trail is 7 kilometres long and is marked in light blue.

Services and practical information

  • Opening hours: See the castle's website for current opening hours.
  • Prices: Guided tour of the castle 120 SEK for adults and 60 SEK for children up to 15 years old (2020).
  • Toilets: There are toilets on the ground floor of the castle.
  • Food service: The castle café is available.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation is available in the eastern castle pavilion. The pavilion is not accessible.


  • Parking: Parking is available outside the castle gates. For those who need a car all the way, the road barriers can be opened.
  • Accessibility of premises: The ground floor of the castle, with the castle café, is accessible. However, there is no lift to the other floors. It is possible to carry a small manual wheelchair up to the main floor if you have your own porter.
  • Guide dog: Guide dogs are welcome in the castle, but other pets must wait outside.

Find Salsta Castle

  • Car: Take road 290, exit towards Salsta and follow the signs to the castle. Parking is available just outside the castle gates.
  • Municipal: The up train goes from Uppsala to Vattholma station. From there it is 2.7 kilometres to the castle, of which you can travel about one kilometre by UL bus line 823.

History at Salsta Castle

  • 13th century: Since that time there has been an estate on what was originally a headland in Lake Salsta.
  • 14th century: Birger Jarl's grandson Karl Gregersson traded his property in Salsta to Duke Erik's earl, Abjörn Sixtensson Sparre of Tofta.
  • 1516: Due to a conflict with the King of Sweden, Sten Sture the Younger had the castle burnt down. Nils Bielke the Elder then built a Renaissance castle on the site.
  • 1669: Nils Bielke the younger, grandson of Nils Bielke the elder, married Eva Horn, and Eva received Salsta Castle as a morning gift.
  • 1670s: Nils Bielke the younger did not think the castle was impressive enough and therefore demolished most of the castle and built the baroque castle you can see today.
  • 1976: The castle was inhabited until this year, when it was sold to the state-owned Domänverket.
  • 1993: The castle has been protected as a listed building since this year.
  • 2020: The castle has been leased since this year by Alla tiders slott och kultur AB.
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