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Gräsö in Roslagen - a scenic gem

Gräsö is a scenic island located just outside Öregrund in Roslagen. The island is surrounded by beautiful cliffs and there are several nature reserves on the island. Here you will also find camping, hostels and a beautiful old church.

Gräsö in Roslagen

People have lived on Gräsö for a long time and graves and artefacts from the Iron Age have been found. The population of the island has lived on agriculture and fishing, and in 1719 the island was hit hard by the Russian raids. The Russians burned farms and cottages, and people had to flee headlong. Over time, the island recovered and by the end of the 1880s there were just over 1400 people living here. Today, around 600 inhabitants live here, according to Wikipedia.

Gräsö i Roslagen

Gräsö is located in Östhammar municipality in Uppland, just outside Öregrund. You can easily get here by a short car ferry from Öregrund.

From Öregrund to Gräsö

After two nights in Öregrund, we felt like new adventures and took the small car ferry to Gräsö. The ferry is free, runs frequently and only takes 5-10 minutes.

Färja till Gräsö

Gräsö church

When you drive ashore on the island, Gräsö Church is directly to the right. We chose to stop and look around. What a fantastically cute and different church building! The church, with the freestanding bell tower, was inaugurated in 1697. It was vandalised during the Russian ravages in 1719, and has since been renovated in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

At the church is also the cute little "Temple of Nature". The temple dates from 1996 and is inspired by the Bible's paradise.

Tempel Gräsö kyrka

The Russian altar - memory of the Russian ravages of 1719?

We also read that you can see the "Ryssaltaret" in Klockarhagen below the church, and went in search of it. There is a five-pointed elevation in the ground, but what exactly is this? It is not known with certainty, but according to the theories it could be:

  • An altar used by the ravaging Russians in 1719.
  • An older chapel under Gräsö manor house
  • Built in honour of King Charles XI, who in 1673 contributed 3000 daler copper coins to the construction of the church.
Ryssaltaret på Gräsö

Gräsö information centre

Right next to the church is the island's information centre. This little house is unmanned, but it's really very nice and informative.

Gräsö infocentrum

Inside the house there is attractive and interactive information about the history, culture and nature of Gräsön. You can, for example, open the small numbered boxes in the cupboard and at the same time activate a voiceover. There are also various brochures that you can take with you. So good that Peter felt compelled to fill in a little evaluation sheet!

Gräsö infocentrum

Gräsö Gård nature reserve

Right next to the church is also the Gräsö Gård nature reserve (and this is where we found the Russian salt cellar). There are also plenty of beautiful flowers here.

Gräsö gård naturreservat

And then there are cows! Most of them stayed put and watched us as we passed by, but one of them was stressed out and looked more or less panicked.
Kor på Gräsö
Ko Gräsö

Idön and Äspskär

We drove to the far south of the island to see a little more and came down to Äspskär and Idön's nature reserve. There are signs about different hiking trails, but it was raining at the time so hiking was not at all attractive. For us it was a break with lunch in the motorhome.

Idön på Gräsö

Gräsöbadens camping

We decided to stay on Gräsö for the night and stayed at Gräsöbadens camping. This is a really nice campsite with a beautiful location by the water and nice, well-kept camping pitches. There is mini-golf and bicycle hire, a sauna and a hot tub. Restaurant Doppingen is also located by the water, for those who prefer a restaurant meal.

Gräsöbadens camping

The cost per day is a bit higher than what we usually pay for a night in a motorhome, but this time we decided it was worth it. We even went all out and chose an extra nice (and therefore more expensive) spot right by the water. We had to pay 525 SEK, but we didn't regret it. What a fantastic afternoon and evening we had here! We value standing with this view incredibly highly, and this felt like one of our top experiences in Sweden.

Gräsöbadens camping
Gräsöbadens camping

We have had a really nice day on Gräsö. Have you also been here? What can you tell us?

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Facts about Gräsö

  • Landscape: Uppland
  • County: Uppsala County
  • Municipality: Östhammar municipality
  • Length: 30 kilometres
  • Width: 6 kilometres
  • Residents: 665 (2015)

Things to see and do on Gräsö

  • Nature reserve: Idekvist bog, Idön nature reserve, Gräsö farm nature reserve and Norrboda-Jomala nature reserve.
  • Hiking: Västerbystigen, Askskär hiking trail and others.
  • Cycling: Short Tour (4.5 km), Middle Tour (20 km) and Full Day Tour (40 km).
  • Bathing places: Storsand, Gräsöbaden and others.
  • Attractions: Gräsö Church and the Russian Altar.
  • Islands: Many smaller islands are located around it, such as Örskär and Rävsten.

Accommodation on Gräsö

  • Camping: Gräsöbadens camping (Västerbyn 296)
  • Hostels: Gräsö Gård hostel (Gräsö Gård 1)
  • Holiday village on the island of Rävsten: On Rävsten, southeast of Gräsön, is the Rävsten holiday village.

Facts about Gräsöbadens camping

  • Location: On the waterfront, overlooking Öregrund
  • Camping plots: 400 pitches for caravans, motorhomes or tents.
  • Cottages: 5 4-bed cottages
  • Service: Service centre, mini-shop, fresh bread sales, waterfront restaurant and more.
  • Activities: Mini golf, boules, table tennis, volleyball, bike hire, sauna and hot tub hire and children's activities. Reception can be contacted about excursions and events.
  • Opening hours: 29/4 - 4/10 (2020). For exact opening hours see the campsite's website.
  • Prices: Motorhome/caravan from SEK 375 excluding electricity (2020). For exact prices see the campsite's website.
  • More info: You can find more information at the campsite's website.

Finding Gräsö

  • Car: A car ferry runs from Öregrund. The ferry is free and takes 5-10 minutes. The timetable can be found at Transport Authority.
  • Bus: Bus lines 775 and 811 run from Öregrund. Check the timetable on
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