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Väddö sea baths and camping in Roslagen

Väddö havsbad and camping on Väddö is a campsite with a sandy beach, surrounded by beautiful nature. The campsite was quite simple, but we still experienced two nice days in lovely surroundings.

Väddö sea baths and camping

Väddö Havsbad and Camping (or Sandviken Havscamping) is located on the outer side of the long, narrow island of Väddö, which is accessible from the mainland via a short bridge. There are 75 camping pitches for motorhomes, caravans and tents, as well as five cottages.

Sandvikens havscamping på Väddö - Väddö havsbad och camping
Väddö havsbad och camping

Väddö is located in Nortälje municipality, in northern Roslagen, about 10 kilometres northeast of Stockholm.

A weekend at Väddö sea baths and campsite

We spent two nights at Väddö havsbad and camping during the midsummer weekend. We had no special plans, but mostly wanted a quiet midsummer near the sea. The campsite is nicely located so it suited us well, although it is simple and perhaps somewhat worn.

Services and "Things to do" at Väddö Havsbad and Camping.

We arrived late in the evening so the staff had gone home by the time we arrived, but they answered the phone which was excellent. There was a system of little "key boxes" on the terrace, and after receiving a code on the phone we were able to collect a key.

This system was ok, but then it was really hard to find a site on your own. The tiny (and dark) map of the campsite was high up, and it was hard to find the numbers of the campsites. What would we use the key for? We didn't really understand that ...

Väddö havsbad och camping

The next day we received excellent help from a newly hired woman at reception. The toilets and other services were fit for purpose, but a refresh wouldn't hurt. Our feeling was that no one has been involved in the campsite's refurbishment for a long time.

Väddö havsbad och camping

The main attraction was the beautiful nature. The campsite has a nice sandy beach, and there are lovely natural areas all around. There is also a mini-shop at the campsite and a mini-golf course.

Väddö havsbad och camping


We took the electric bikes on a journey of discovery, including the Roslagsleden trail. This trail runs from Danderyd Church to the Albert Engström Museum in Grisslehamn. The trail is almost 190 kilometres long and divided into eleven daily stages. For us, it was only a short distance by electric bike ...


Old Grisslehamn

Among other things, we went to Old Grisslehamn. Grisslehamn was located here until 1754, when it was destroyed by a fire. It was then decided to move the town to the northern part of Väddö. Grisslehamn was responsible for the postal service to Finland, via Åland, and the main reason for moving the town was to shorten the distance across the Åland Sea to Eckerö on Åland.

Gamla Grisslehamn - utflykt från Väddö havdsbad och camping

Today, Old Grisslehamn is a small fishing village with charming houses and small fishing boats.

Here we could also look at the "Skötbåten Svalan", which was probably built on Singö and bought around the turn of the century for herring fishing around Gamla Grisslehamn. The boat has been damaged and renovated several times. Throughout the 1980s it participated in the "Postrodden" under the name Naucléra.

Gammal båt i Gamla Grisslehamn

Rönnskärs udde nature reserve

On our bike ride we also came across the entrance to Rönnskärs udde nature reserve. This nature reserve is located on eastern Väddö and is, among other things, a popular place for bird watching.

Rönnskärs udde naturreservat

Cliffs by the sea

We continued with the bikes towards a place called Haken. Here we parked the bikes and walked up the cliffs. Fantastically beautiful!


On the way from Väddö havsbad and camping we stopped in Älmsta, where the bridge goes to and from the mainland. When we arrived, it was just time for the bridge opening, so the bridge opening was captured in the picture.

Have you ever been to Väddö? Tell us about it!

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Facts about Väddö Havsbad and Camping

  • Address: Sandviksvägen 195, 760 40 Väddö
  • Location: On the east coast of Väddö, in the municipality of Norrtälje, in Roslagen.
  • Camping plots: 75 camping pitches for motorhomes, caravans and tents.
  • Cottages: 5 cottages with four beds per cottage.
  • Service: Service centre, kitchen and mini-shop.
  • Activities: Miniature golf course, beach volleyball court and sandy beach.
  • Opening hours: The campsite is open from May to September. For exact opening hours, see the campsite's website. If you arrive after the reception closes, you can call the emergency number until 23:00.
  • Prices: We paid 300 SEK/day during the midsummer weekend 2020. For a detailed price list, see the campsite's website.
  • More info: You can find more information at the campsite's website.

Finding Väddö sea baths and campsite

  • Car: Drive towards Älmsta in Norrtälje municipality. Then take the bridge to Väddö and follow signs for Väddö havsbad and camping (or Sandviken camping).
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