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30 different things to do in Stockholm

Looking for different things to do in Stockholm? Then you've come to the right place! Here you'll find 30 tips for activities and experiences that are a bit out of the ordinary, ranging from special food experiences to breathtaking activities that get the adrenaline flowing.


Tips for different things to do in Stockholm

A while ago we wrote a city guide to Stockholm, with tips on lots of sights and experiences. This can be said to be a complement to it - a list for those who want to do something different. out of the ordinary. We have identified a number of activities that stand out in the programme.

Maybe it's time to bring in a nanny to watch the kids for an evening and try something new? Stay tuned, here are tips for different things to do in Stockholm.

1. roof walk

A rooftop walk offers a historical guided tour 43 metres up on the rooftops of Stockholm. More info:

2. amphibious buses OceanBus

Amphibian buses OceanBus starts on land and then continues into the water, while you get an interesting guided tour. More info:

Annorlunda saker att göra i Stockholm - Ocean bus

3. yasuragi spa

Yasuragi is a Japanese spa where you can try Breath work, Yin yoga and Zen meditation. More info:

4. Ghost walk

Join the Stockholm ghost and history tour for one and a half hours in the Old Town or on Södermalm. More info:

Annorlunda saker att göra i Stockholm - spökvandring

5. bodyflight

Bodyflight is a special experience where you can try "flying" in a wind tunnel. More info:

6. boules bar

Why not combine boules and good food? More info:


7th Cosmonova

Cosmonova is a planetarium and Sweden's only dome-shaped IMAX cinema. More info:

8. Italian cookery course at Eataly

Learn to make pizza, fresh pasta or Italian meatballs. Or why not take a cocktail course? More info:
Annorlunda saker att göra i Stockholm - matlagningskurs

9. Shrimp feast in the Stockholm archipelago

Join a prawn cruise on board M/S Strömma Kanal in the Stockholm archipelago. More info:

10. Kayak trip through Stockholm

Kayaking through Stockholm offers a different perspective. Kayaks can be rented in several different places.

Annorlunda saker att göra i Stockholm - kajaktur

11. Escape Room

An escape room is an adventure where you have to escape from a prison. There are several to choose from in Stockholm.

12th Afternoon Tea at the Grand Hotel

In the Cadier Bar at the Grand Hotel you can enjoy Afternoon Tea with sandwiches, pastries and scones. More info:

Annorlunda saker att göra i Stockholm

13th SkyView

SkyView takes you up the outside of the Avicii Arena (Globen) in a specially designed gondola. More info:

14. The Winery Hotel

At The Winery Hotel, you can take a guided tour, become a winemaker for a day or join a wine tasting session. More info:

Rött vin

15. Golf bars

The Golf Bar is a mini-golf experience combined with food and drink. More info:

16. ballbreaker

Ballbreaker is a restaurant that combines with activities such as darts, bowling, a car track and a racing simulator. More info:


17th Aifur Viking restaurant

Aifur is a Viking restaurant in the Old Town with a Viking menu and entertainment. More info:

18. Virtul Reality at Vrex

VREX is a virtual reality experience centre. Players interact with each other in a virtual landscape. More info:

Virtual reality

19. the Black Club

At the Black Club you can enjoy a meal in total darkness, with acoustic entertainment. More info:

20. Horse riding on Djurgården

Horse rides on Royal Djurgården, alternatively themed rides or dawn rides through the city of Stockholm. More info:


21. Solve a mystery

Solve a mystery at the Royal Palace or Parliament House, 1-4 people per puzzle. More info:

22. capitol bio

Capitol is a cinema and a bistro where you can watch your film along with a luxurious dinner, or with Afternoon Tea. More info:

Annorlunda saker att göra i Stockholm - capitol bio

23. anti-gravity training

If you want to try a different form of exercise, there is AntiGravity training, which includes hanging upside down. More info:

24. SUP through the city

Why not try SUP (Stand up Paddle) in the centre of Stockholm? SUP boards can be rented at several locations in the city.


25. active cooking

Active cookery is an activity where you can meet around food and cooking, together with skilled chefs. More info:

26th ArtParty

Paint a picture with an artistic guide during a two-hour event. More info:


27. ICEBAR Stockholm

ICEBAR is the world's first permanent ice bar, with an interior sculpted from 40 tonnes of natural ice from the Torne River. More info:

28. hot air balloon ride

Experience the capital from above by taking a hot air balloon ride! Balloon rides can be organised with several different companies.


29. Hey Sthlm

Hey Sthlm is Stockholm's only real arcade with arcade games and pinball machines. More info:

30. Food Tours Stockholm

Guided culinary walk between selected restaurants, bars, cafés and/or speciality shops. More info:

Annorlunda saker att göra i Stockholm

More tips on different things to do in Stockholm?

Do you have even more tips for different things to do in Stockholm? Let us know!

Annorlunda saker att göra i Stockholm

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