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"The whole journey" at Paul Taylor Lanthandel in Sundbyberg, Sweden.

We recently tested the 'Whole Journey' menu at the celebrity restaurant Paul Taylor Lanthandel in Sundbyberg. This is the kitchen's choice of the best the season has to offer right now. Really, really good!


Paul Taylor Lanthandel in Sundbyberg

Paul Taylor Lanthandel is a restaurant in Sundbyberg outside Stockholm that was started by restaurateurs and TV personalities Paul Svensson and Tareq Taylor a few years ago.

The restaurant, which has a strong focus on locally produced organic ingredients, is now run by Paul Svensson together with several other restaurateurs. We visited Paul Taylor Lanthandel 2020 and were very impressed. Now we came back to invite some family and friends before we left for a long trip to the Philippines.

A photo from our last visit to Paul Taylor Lanthandel in 2020.

The Paul Taylor Lanthandel restaurant is located in Sundbyberg, just northwest of central Stockholm, a short walk from the commuter train or metro.

A nice evening with family and friends - before travelling to the Philippines

The reason for our visit was that we wanted to meet some of our closest family and friends before travelling to the UK. Philippines. We took our friends Lennart and Beata to the restaurant, as well as Peter's son Robin and his wife Alexandra. Very nice to spend a whole evening together!

Peter, Beata and Robin

'The whole journey' at Paul Taylor Farm Shop

At Paul Taylor Lanthandel you can have lunch or dinner. If you come in the evening, you can choose a regular a la carte, or you can choose the 'Full Journey' - a multi-course menu that changes according to the season. We chose the "Full Journey", with a wine package, and had a great experience.

The meal started with bread made from bread (for sustainability) along with ham, olives and lumpfish roe crusts. Very good!

The evening continued with mussels served with white cabbage and a fantastic sauce. At the same time we got "Johanna's salad", with fermented chanterelles and walnuts. This was also an incredibly good dish that went perfectly with the mussels.

The main course was falafel with truffle and parmesan, and lamb tagine. Both dishes were fantastic good.

Finally, the party ended with a tarte tatin served with ice cream and spruce nut oil. This was also very good!

In summary, we can say that it was a very nice evening with great food and wonderful company!

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Have you done 'The whole journey' at Paul Taylor Lanthandel in Sundbyberg?

Have you done the "Full Journey" at Paul Taylor Lanthandel in Sundbyberg? Do you like this kind of food experience?

Facts about "Hela resan" at Paul Taylor Lanthandel in Sundbyberg.

  • Address: Spinnerigatan 7, Sundbyberg
  • Find here: Take the metro or commuter train to Sundbyberg and then walk to Spinnerigatan 7.
  • What is it? The kitchen's choice of the best the season has to offer right now.
  • Price: 795 SEK/person (2023). Wine packages are available as an option.
  • Good to know: Everyone at the table must choose this menu for the best experience.
  • Vegetarian option: The menu can be offered in a vegetarian version, but not in a vegan version.

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