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Our trip to the Philippines - from Stockholm to Cebu

Let's tell you about the start of our trip to the Philippines! We have embarked on a three-month adventure, and the journey has only just begun. It all started in Stockholm, with a flight to Cebu via Doha.


Departure from Stockholm

We have been preparing for a long time for this long trip to the Philippinesand we have previously wrote about the preparations. When it was finally time to leave, we dressed comfortably and with only a super-thin windbreaker - which can be rolled up to almost nothing - to avoid bulky packing when in Asia.

In the pictures below you can see us with all our gear: a small rucksack on our backs and a larger rucksack next to us. What Peter has in his hand? A fishing rod! The pictures were taken while we were waiting for the taxi (we usually use the app Bolt, which we think has good prices), which would take us to Arlanda...

Route 1: Stockholm - Doha with Finnair

We had booked the whole trip (Stockholm - Cebu) with Qatar Airways, but the first part of the trip (Stockholm - Doha) was operated by Finnair. The trip took six hours and even though it is always a bit uncomfortable to fly, we must say that travelling with Finnair is excellent.

We were served vegetarian lasagne and wine, watched films and read books. Before it was time to go down in Doha, a sandwich was served.

Change of flight in Doha

The first plane was slightly delayed, which meant that we had little time in Doha. At Doha airport, we only had time to hurry through the security check and get to the gate to board the next plane. Still, it was nice not to have to wait!

Route 2: Doha - Cebu with Qatar Airways

Soon it was time for the next leg, the 9-hour flight from Doha to Cebu with Qatar Airways. We boarded late in the evening/night and were served a sandwich before it was time to spend the night sitting in an aircraft seat.

Qatar Airways has good, modern aircraft with reasonably comfortable seats. Staff are attentive and there is a good selection of films. Men it is still exhausting to fly this far. When it was finally getting close to morning (or afternoon if you consider Asian time) we were served a brunch, and could start looking forward to arriving soon ...

When we took out our mobile phones to take pictures of the view, one of the attentive flight attendants asked if we wanted a photo of us together. We said yes!

Arriving in Cebu, Philippines

Finally arrived! Our friends, Micke and Julia, had told us to take a taxi to the hotel and to meet them there, which we were all set to do. But when we walked out - in the oppressive tropical heat - there they were... with a big poster! In fact, it took a little while for our brains to realise what they were seeing. This welcome committee was meant for us!

Julia and Micke welcome us in Cebu, Philippines

Fantastic fun to see you again! And wow, look that they fixed this poster, just for our arrival! We promise that the start of the trip in the Philippines felt absolutely fantastic!

We then took a taxi together (the Grab app which is popular here) to our hotel, the Grand Emilia Hotel in Cebu City. This is a slightly simpler, but fresh and excellent hotel with a good location.

From here we now start, during our days in the Cebu City. Now that we are in a big city, we take the opportunity to do some errands and preparations for our further adventures in this exciting island kingdom.

Please continue to follow the journey here on and on Instagram at @freedomtravelnews!

Our top tips for the Philippines. Click on the image!

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