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Boat trip to Manila in the Philippines - from Boracay

Today it was a boat trip to Manila from Boracay. We started with a small boat from Boracay to Panay, and from there it was a ferry. The ferry from Caticlan on Panay to Batangas on Luzon was nicer and less worn than the one we travelled with last time. It felt good, as there was a lot of wind on the sea.


The finest tickets

We had bought the best tickets. For 350 kronor (together) we got a cabin with toilet and TV, and a meal in the restaurant. By the way, we were almost alone there. Admittedly, it was a very simple restaurant - you took a plastic tray and had to choose between a few different stews - but we still guess that many of the Filipino travellers saved on this cost and brought a packed lunch.

In any case, we were very pleased to have bought the most expensive tickets. It was nice to be able to leave our luggage in a cabin and practical to have a hot meal. The cost for us was still very small.

Hytt färja Filippinerna
Our cabin on our boat journey to Manila

Safety and working conditions

You can't help but wonder about safety and working conditions sometimes. Some boats look so rusty and worn that you wonder how long they will last. As we travelled, we also saw a group of workers expanding the dock. In flip-flops, with hand saws and machines with thin cables (hardly grounded?) from an electric power station ...

Båt Filippinerna
Bygge Filippinerna
Filippinerna bygge

Time for departure

Then it was time for departure from Boracay! There was some wind at sea, but otherwise the trip went very well. Now we have arrived in Manila and have found our luxury hotel in the Makati neighbourhood. We'll tell you more tomorrow!

Färja Filippinerna
Time to leave this part of the Philippines
Hamn Patay
View of the harbour in Panay
Båtresa till Manila
We are on our way! Boat trip to Manila
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