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Kalanggaman in the Philippines - an island paradise

Kalanggaman is an island paradise in the Philippines, with white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and swaying palm trees. This is an uninhabited small island where you can make day trips from Malapascua or Leyte. For us, this was one of our first stops during our boat trip in the Philippines.


Kalanggaman Island in the Philippines

The island of Kalanggaman offers everything that a paradise island should offer, and there are also some services for tourists in the form of a shop, canoe rental and the possibility of staying overnight.

Kalanggaman belongs to the Visayas in the Philippines and is within easy travelling distance of the islands of Malapascua and Leyte.

Boat trip from Leyte to Kalanggaman

We are on a boat trip in the Philippines and had just visited the town of Tabango on Leyte. The next destination on the trip was Kalanggaman and we left in the morning. This time the weather was nicer and we had a calm and pleasant boat journey, of just under two hours.


As we approached Kalanggaman, we were greeted by a paradise-like island surrounded by white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Since the weather was only "semi-fine" when we arrived - it was a bit cloudy and there was even a short rain shower - there were no tourist boats and we were lucky enough to be almost completely alone on the island.

Kalanggaman Filippinerna

An island paradise with fantastic beaches

Kalanggaman is a small island, and it doesn't take long to walk from one end to the other. Both palm trees and other green trees offer greenery, and there are also small super cute down balls for chickens that rattle around. Around the island there are these fantastic beaches, where it is incredibly nice both to swim and snorkel.

Sand tongues on Kalanggaman

On Kalanggaman there are also two 'sand tongues' protruding from the island. During high tide they partially disappear, and during low tide they emerge in full length.

Kalanggaman Filippinerna
FREEDOMtravel på Kalanggaman Filippinerna

Services for tourists

Although Kalanggaman is an uninhabited island, in the sense that no one lives here permanently, there are a lot of services for tourists. On the island you'll find toilets, small bamboo structures with roofs and benches, a small shop and canoe and jet ski hire. It is also possible to rent accommodation on the beach and stay on the island overnight.

Kalanggaman butik Filippinerna
kalanggaman Filippinerna
There is nothing wrong with this workplace!

We camped on the beach

We asked if we could camp on the beach, and that was fine. No problem. We set up our tents overlooking the beach and the shimmering green water. In the evening we bought some beers in the shop, which we drank in the sand, and then we crawled into our tents. So wonderfully cosy!

It was perhaps even more idyllic to wake up the next morning with a view of the sea. We enjoyed Kalanggaman so much that we paid the "mooring fee" for another day, and stayed another night.

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Video from Kalanggaman

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