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Inauguration of Philippine boat with whole roasted pigs

On our second day on the island of Malapascua in the Philippines, we had a wonderful experience. The family, who owns the place where we live, would inaugurate their remodelled boat. In honour of the day, there was a premiere trip and fully grilled pig on board.


The family and the boat

So it's our friends and travelling companions, Micke and Julia, who know a family on the... Malapascuasince they were stuck on the island for several months during the pandemic. The family owns several boats and runs Malapascua Budget Tour, which organises various boat excursions for tourists.

The biggest boat, Dotche, has just been remodelled to make it even bigger and more comfortable. It is this boat that we are going boating with soon, and it is this remodelled boat that the family wanted to inaugurate.

Visiting the family

On festive occasions, lechon (whole grilled suckling pig) is a favourite food in the Philippines, and the inauguration of a rebuilt boat is of course a solemn occasion. This time it was Micke and Julia who organised the pig, and the family started grilling it already in the morning.

We are currently staying in two cottages that the family has at their beach bar, and from this you have to take a winding and steep path through nature to get to the small village where the family lives.

Although people often live simply here in Malapascua, there is often a happy and friendly atmosphere in the villages, with children kicking a ball around and cheering or wanting to talk, often in English.

Already when we arrived, before it was time for the boat trip, we were offered pancit, which is a traditional noodle dish in the Philippines. Very good!

Grilling of pigs

The pig was grilled over a bed of coals and was ready after a few hours.

Meanwhile, we had a good time in the shade. Among other things, we went and bought a beer each, which turned out to be enitre oil. In other words, something for the thirsty!

Ready to board

Suddenly the family shouted that it was time. The pig was cooked and the boat was ready. Everyone in the family grabbed their gear and headed for the water, including us.

It's a big family with many relatives, and maybe there were also some neighbours or friends joining us. Just as we boarded, a rain shower came, but luckily it passed quite quickly.

Premiere tour

Everyone got ready for the maiden voyage and the captain, who is also a father in the family, began to steer the ship out of the harbour.

After a little while, the rain clouds cleared, and a happy group of people found themselves on board the Dotche.

And the boat? Yes, it went very well and felt very steady, as far as we can tell.

Whole roasted pig

Then it was time to stop and eat the grilled pig. The animal was cut up and plates were brought out.

Together with the pig, we were served both rice and pancit, i.e. noodles with vegetables. It was a real party on board Dotche! Fantastic fun to be part of this!

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