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Restaurants in Malapascua in the Philippines - 7 tips

Restaurants in Malapascua we can tell you about today. We have eaten at some nice places by the beaches and many simple places with lower prices. Here you can see a little more about the food on the island of Malapascua in the Philippines.


Restaurants in Malapascua

There are quite a few restaurants on Malapascua to choose from, even though the island is not that big. Some are of a slightly higher standard, and therefore more expensive, but there are also many local, simple and budget-friendly eateries. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Ocean Vida

When in Malapascua, it's almost impossible not to end up at Ocean Vida. This restaurant is located along the touristy beach. Bounty Beach and is usually the most frequented place, perhaps because it has so many cosy seats, both upstairs with a view and on the sand, with various forms of comfortable armchairs and sacco bags.

Ocean Vida is a great place to go when you're craving Western food. Here you can be sure to get good pizza and burgers. Are you more interested in Asian food? Well, there's that too.

Restauranger på Malapascua - Ocean vida

2nd Angelina

If you're craving Italian flavours, head to the Angelina restaurant, which has a cosy location on Logon Beach, not far from the harbour. It serves mainly pizza and pasta, as well as a variety of Italian desserts.

We were very pleased with the pasta we ordered, and with the lovely spot in the sand. However, there was no gelato on the menu, which we had hoped for, so no dessert for us.

Restauranger på Malapascua - Angelina

3rd KB Merk Barbeque

Among the less expensive restaurants in Malapascua, KB Merk Barbeque has become a favourite for us. Located a short walk from Bounty Beach, this simple restaurant serves very reasonably priced food. We've been happy with just about everything we've eaten here: Chicken Adobo, sweet and sour chicken, fried chicken, spring rolls, fried rice, nasi goreng and Chicken Cordon Bleu.

Restauranger på Malapascua - KB Merk barbeque

4. Restaurants in the square

Another of our everyday favourites is going up to the square for dinner. There are a bunch of restaurants here, and although they have different menus, you can expect similar types of dishes at similar (wallet-friendly) prices. There are three restaurants under the same colourful umbrella and a few more restaurants to choose from.

Restauranger på Malapascua

We have almost always been satisfied when choosing Asian dishes in the square. You can point to any ingredient (meat, fish, seafood or vegetables) and ask for it to be grilled or order from the menu. We have had excellent dishes here in the form of Chicken Curry, Chicken Adobo, pork in sweet and sour sauce and sizlar. However, when we've tried to order burgers or fish and chips, we've regretted it as soon as we've seen the dish.

5. Avila's Horizon

If you make it to North Beach, which is a beautiful but less touristy beach compared to Bounty Beach, you can sit down at Avila's Horizon. This place offers a relaxed atmosphere, great views of the beach and a relatively long menu. We had burgers and sandwiches here and were satisfied, although the view was perhaps more impressive than the food.

6 - Kokay's Maldito Dive Resort

Kokay's Maldito Dive Resort is cosily located on Logon Beach, with half the tables out on the sand and half under a high roof. This is another restaurant with a slightly higher standard of western food, on a very long menu ranging from coq au vin to pizza.

You can also order Asian dishes here if you wish, but since we eat Asian most days of the week, we opted for the steak with fries and pasta respectively. Everything tasted very good and we were very happy with our visit here.

7. shipwreck beach bar

The Shipwreck Beach Bar (formerly the Lighthouse Beach Bar) is located right next to the lighthouse on the northern part of the island, not far from the Japanese shipwreck. It's a great place to walk to watch the sunset, and maybe take a swim at the same time.

This bar is run by the Filipino family we know and before the pandemic they were serving food here. Right now you can only order cold drinks, but the family is busy rebuilding the bar, redecorating it and planning a menu, so sooner or later you will be able to eat here again.

More restaurants in Malapascua

Of course, there are even more restaurants in Malapascua than the ones we've mentioned. For example, you'll find a wide range of eateries if you stroll along the seafront at Bounty Beach.

Full house at Hippocampus bar and restaurant on a Saturday night

Sometimes it can also be fun to stop at simple local holes in the wall, just to try what they have to offer. Below you can see some snacks like spring rolls and siomai (a kind of dumplings) that we bought on the spot at a simple eatery, a simple local pizzeria and buns from one of the small shops selling pastries.

Spring rolls and siomai (a type of dumpling)
Local pizzeria with very budget-friendly pizzas, but with completely different cheese than we are used to ...
bakverk i Filippinerna
Sweet pastries can be bought in many places

Even more tips for restaurants in Malapascua?

Do you have even more tips for restaurants in Malapascua? If so, let us know! Do you like to eat Asian food when travelling in Asia, or do you prefer Western dishes?

fisk som ska grillas

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