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Restaurants in Panglao in the Philippines - 9 tips

Restaurants in Panglao are what we're talking about today. We've eaten at a wide range of restaurants on this Philippine holiday island - both fancy and basic - and here we share our tips, along with photos.


Restaurants in Panglao

There are plenty of restaurants in Panglao to choose from, whether you want to eat local, Asian or even European. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Udzuki

Udzuki is a small Japanese restaurant, which is a bit secluded (though within walking distance of the centre). Marina Point Bay Resort where we lived) but where people still go because the food is so good.

The restaurant is very cosy and the staff dedicated. We were here several times and ate so good. For example, we ordered fresh spring rolls, gyoza (Japanese dumplings), sushi and yakiniku. Everything tasted great!

2. peppers

Resraurang Paprika is located at the Donatela Resort, near the small beach of Tuba Beach. The environment is very nice with greenery, small bridges over water and views of the sea. The food is also good, but the prices are high.

Most dishes at Paprika were priced at 1000 peso (about 200 kronor), which is much more than we usually pay for a dish in this country. At least we ordered a meat dish for Peter for 1100 peso, but when the waiter asked "Do you accept the price Ma'am?" I looked again. It was not 1100 peso but ... 11 000 peso (2000 kronor)!!!

We choked and suddenly became very hungry for meat. Instead it was salmon with mashed potatoes for 1000 peso, which tasted Scandinavian and was very good.

3. Sicily Italian & Wood Fire Pizza

The Sicily restaurant is located along the motorway that runs between Alona Beach and the main island of Bohol. When we parked the moped by the road, we were almost unsure whether there was a restaurant, as the signs were so worn and sad, but when we walked inwards, a nice and well-run Sicilian travel restaurant appeared, with a lovely environment.

Here we each ordered a wood-fired pizza, which was so big that we could actually have shared one. But it was really good!

4. Wonderland Sayaw Thai Food

Wonderland Sayaw Thai Food is a Thai restaurant located along the main road, close to Alona Beach. The best thing about this restaurant is that it is so cosily decorated, the atmosphere is great and the staff is friendly.

Unfortunately, the food was not very good. We ordered fresh spring rolls for starters, but the difference from the spring rolls at restaurant Udzuki was miles away. At least we got plenty of vegetables, which you don't always get.

5th Precito's Restaurant & Beer Garten

Precito's Restaurant & Beer Garten is so recently opened that it doesn't seem to be on Google maps yet. The restaurant is relatively close to the Thai restaurant, but further away from Alona beach, opposite a petrol station.

This is a fairly simple place that serves Filipino and other Asian dishes, at good prices. We ordered chicken wings and yakiniku with rice, and everything was very good.

6. A Tavola

A Tavola is an Italian, or rather Neapolitan, restaurant relatively close to Alona Beach where you can mainly eat pizza and pasta. Very good pizzas and very good lasagne! Peter was especially happy because he could order a few glasses of good wine.

We have hardly drunk any wine at all on this trip, except at this particular restaurant. Often it is not available, and if it is, it can taste terrible, or be terribly expensive. Here was the wine very good. The bill is of course a little more expensive when you order wine, but it was worth it!

7. Trudis Place

Trudis Place is one of the many places located along the beach on Alona Beach. It has a great selection of seafood. We ordered prawns, squid rings and chips. You shouldn't expect any big surprises here, but seafood by the sea is still good!

8. Yuken Mari

If you instead stroll on Dumaluan Beach / White Beach, you can sit down for a snack at Yuken Mari. Here we had spring rolls and rice for lunch, and it tasted great. There was nothing wrong with the view either!

9th Zara's Café

Last but not least, we have to mention Zara's Café. This is indeed a café and not a restaurant, but it's not just any café. Zara's Café is located on a hill on Dayo Hill Road, in Dauis, not too far from one of the bridges connecting Panglao to Bohol. The café offers a breathtaking view of the landscape - and Swedish pastries!

Zara's Café is, surprisingly, a Swedish café where you can enjoy things like cinnamon buns and almond cake, or why not a Toast Skagen? There are also salads and sandwiches on sourdough bread, and we ordered one to take with us for a lighter dinner meal. So good to eat real bread! If you visit Panglao, don't miss this little gem!

More restaurants in Panglao

Are there more restaurants in Panglao? Yes, of course there are. For example, there is a Spanish restaurant called Bougainvillea, which serves tapas and paella, but it usually closed too early in the day for us to have dinner here. There are also many simple local eateries, more restaurants along the beach, hotel restaurants and fast food outlets such as McDonalds and Jollibee.

Alona Beach
Along Alona Beach there are several restaurants and eateries.

More tips for restaurants in Panglao?

Do you have even more tips for restaurants in Panglao? If so, let us know! Do you like to eat Asian food when travelling in Asia, or do you prefer Western dishes?

More to see and do in the neighbourhood

There is of course more to What to see and do in Panglao. We can recommend a relaxed time at the Marina Point Bay Resort. You can also visit the Hinagdanan cave or make excursions to . Bohol, with The chocolate hills, ghost animal and perhaps a boat trip on the river Loboc.

Our top tips for the Philippines. Click on the image!

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