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Visiting the Royal Palace of Stockholm - photos and tips

What is it like to visit the Royal Palace in Stockholm? If there is one attraction in Stockholm that you definitely want to see at some point in your life, it is the Royal Palace. As a tourist, you are welcome to visit the state rooms, and there are also a number of museums in the palace.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm

The Royal Palace in Stockholm is the official residence of H.M. the King and it is here that much of the monarchy's representation takes place. Nevertheless, the palace is also open to tourists.

We visited the castle last spring, but some of the museums were closed. So we waited to write, and now that we came home to Stockholm again, we added visits to several of the museums.

The Royal Palace is located in Gamla Stan in the centre of Stockholm, and is easily accessible from the Gamla Stan or Kungsträdgården metro stations.

Visiting the Royal Palace in Stockholm

Visiting the Royal Palace in Stockholm is very interesting. Construction of the current palace began in 1697, after the old 'Tre Kronor' palace burned down. The architect Nicodemus Tessin the Younger was responsible for the construction, and he designed an impressive baroque castle.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm has more than 600 rooms, and although much of it is private, the large representative floors, including the state rooms, are open to the public. The ticket price also includes the various museums at the palace, and if you buy a combination ticket, the Riddarholm Church is also included.

Representation floors with parade rooms

Perhaps the most exciting thing is to see the representation floors with the parade rooms. These can be seen on your own, or with a guide if you pay a little extra. Usually the floors are open every day for visitors, but please note that there may be exceptions. It may be that HM the King sometimes needs the rooms for representation.

Many of the rooms are fantastically powerful with columns, paintings, sculptures and elaborate stucco work.

The Audience Room was used by Gustav III for audiences, and the red silk velvet canopy dates from 1667.


The Charles XI Gallery is considered the most magnificent room of the Swedish late baroque period. And indeed, the room is always impressive! Here, official dinners for around 170 people are set with Swedish and French silver from the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

In the Halls of Orders, the Hall of the Order of the Vasa and the Hall of the Order of the Sword, you can take a look at awards given for valour in war and meritorious service.

Several museums to visit at the Royal Palace

In addition to the State Apartments, there is a whole range of smaller museums to visit at the Royal Palace.

The armoury

The Livrustkammaren was originally the armoury of the Swedish kings. Today, it houses parade armour, weapons and costumes from royal history.

We especially noticed all the beautiful and shiny gold carriages.

There were also beautiful playground equipment and sledges for the children.


The Treasury contains the most important symbols of the monarchy, in the form of the Royal Regalia. There are also decorated swords and the crowns of princes and princesses. The common denominator is that everything glitters and sparkles.

Museum Tre Kronor

Museum Tre Kronor is perhaps the museum that we found most interesting. It tells the story of the former castle, Tre Kronor, and the violent fire in 1697 when the castle burned down.

Gustav III Museum of Antiquities

The Gustav III Museum of Antiquities is also interesting. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about this museum is that it opened in 1794, making it one of the oldest museums in Europe.

Gustav III was very interested in art and antiques and bought most of the museum's sculptures during a trip to Italy in the late 18th century. Shortly after his death, the museum was opened in his honour.

The castle church

The only attraction we still haven't managed to see, as it's been closed every time we've been there, is the Castle Church. This beautiful church showcases the architecture and artwork of contemporary masters such as Nicodemus Tessin the Younger, Carl Hårleman and Georg Haupt the Elder.

The church holds services on Sundays. During the summer season, the church is also open for visitors who just want to look around. However, the summer season seems to be short, because when we were here in mid/late August it was already too late.

Palace Church, photographer: Alexis Daflos © Royal Court of Sweden

Visiting the Royal Palace for concerts and events

You can also visit the Royal Palace for concerts and various events, such as the annual "Music at the Palace" concert series. Organ concerts are also sometimes organised in the Palace Church. It is also popular to check out the High Guard Relief.

More to see and do in the neighbourhood

When you have visited the Royal Palace in Stockholm, you can also take the opportunity to experience the Old Town, where we have 30 tips about. We can also recommend visits to House of Knights which we have visited, and in Riddarholm Church which is absolutely awesome which is Sweden's most powerful church and Stockholm's oldest building.

Sevärdheter i Gamla stan - Stortorget
Stortorget in Old Town, Stockholm
Göra i Uppland
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Have you visited the Royal Palace in Stockholm?

Have you visited the Royal Palace in Stockholm? Or would you like to visit the palace? Please tell us!

Facts about visiting the Royal Palace

  • Municipality: Stockholm
  • County: Stockholm County
  • Landscape: Uppland
  • Read more: You can find more information at the castle's website

Tours and activities

  • Guided tours: Guided tours in Swedish and English are available during the castle's opening hours.
  • Larger groups: For larger groups, pre-booked tours with a guide are recommended.
  • Activities for children: Picture maps can be picked up at the ticket office for animal safaris and "home visits". Family tours are organised in Museum Tre Kronor. Extra programmes are also organised during school holidays.

Services and practical information

  • Opening hours: The representation floors, the Treasury and the Museum Tre Kronor are usually open daily, 10-17 or 10-16 depending on the season. The Gustav III Antique Museum is open in the summer. Please note that deviations may occur.
  • Prices: Visiting only the Royal Palace and its museums costs 180 SEK/person for adults and 90 SEK/person for students and children. A combination ticket that includes the palace and Riddarholm Church costs SEK 210/person for adults and SEK 110/person for children and students. A guided tour costs 30 SEK/person. (2022).
  • Children: Pushchairs cannot be taken into the castle, due to the sensitive environment.
  • Rules: Dogs are not allowed in the castle, except for assistance dogs. Telephones must have the mobile phone signal switched off.
  • Storage: At Tickets & Information in the Outer Courtyard there are a few lockers where you can lock your bags and clothes.
  • Shop: The castle shop sells gifts and souvenirs. Here you can find textiles, crockery, guidebooks and more.
  • Accessibility: Detailed information on accessibility in the different rooms is available on the castle's website.

Find the Royal Palace in Stockholm

  • Municipal: Go to T-bana Gamla stan and walk through Gamla stan via Stortorget or Västerlånggatan in the direction of the city centre. Alternatively, take the T-bana to Kungsträdgården and walk across Strömbron. Buses are also available. Check on
  • Car: Car is not recommended as it is difficult to park.
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