Where are Swedes travelling this autumn? Both Ticket and momondo answer this question. We also find out why Swedes have the most caravans and motorhomes per capita in the whole of Europe. Today is Monday, and it's time for this week's travel news!


Swedes continue to travel - despite the economic situation

8 out of 10 (78%) Swedes feel that travel costs have increased. At the same time, every second Swede (46%) says that they do not plan to change their travelling. This is according to a new survey of Swedes' travelling habits in 2022 and early 2023, conducted by the global payment network Visa. This is where Swedes prefer to travel:

  1. Spain
  2. Denmark
  3. Greece
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Germany

Increased travel for Swedes during the autumn holidays

The autumn holidays are just around the corner, and the desire to travel is at its peak - with bookings 33% higher than last year, according to new booking statistics from the travel agency Ticket. Just like last year, Gran Canaria is the hottest destination during the autumn holidays, but this year Bangkok also makes a comeback and climbs to second place in the top list. Top destinations for the autumn holidays:

  1. Gran Canaria
  2. Bangkok
  3. London
  4. Alicante
  5. Malaga

Interest in travel has risen by 40 per cent

The Swedes seem to be eager to travel this autumn and momondo.se measures an increase of about 40 percent in flight searches, compared to autumn 2022. The Swedes' most sought-after destinations for autumn 2023:

  1. Bangkok, Thailand
  2. Málaga, Spain
  3. Alicante, Spain
  4. London, United Kingdom
  5. Barcelona, Spain

Want to get a good deal on your trip? Avoid travelling long distances during week 48 when prices are particularly high. Within Europe, the best week for good prices is currently week 47 and the worst week is week 43.

TUI launches El Cuyo in Mexico

Playa del Carmen, Cancun and Tulum in Mexico are popular destinations for many Swedes and tourists from all over the world. For those wishing to discover a more unexplored part of Mexico, TUI is now launching a new destination this winter - the tranquil village of El Cuyo on the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Here the focus is on unspoilt beaches, authentic Mexican food and nature experiences.

TUI returns to Sundsvall with charter to Gran Canaria

This winter, travel operator TUI is returning to its Sundsvall with direct charters to the popular Canary Island of Gran Canaria. Starting from 14 December until 28 March, TUI charter flights to Gran Canaria in cooperation with BRA.

Researcher reveals why Sweden has the most caravans in Europe

For Swedes, camping holidays are hot, and interest continues to grow. In fact, Sweden is the country in Europe where most caravans and motorhomes are owned per capita, according to HSR. "The key words are freedom and security," says Hege Høyer Leivestad, senior lecturer and social anthropologist at the University of Oslo. The increase, says Høyer Leivestad, is due to four key points:

  • Camping skyrocketed during the pandemic. With a caravan or motorhome, you could holiday safely.
  • Having your own accommodation on holiday provides security and freedom.
  • Proximity to nature. You can hear the rain on the roof and are often close to a lake, sea or natural area.
  • The ability to be mobile. Knowing that you can move is important.

Motorhome industry appeals to ministers for support on car tax issue

"Now the motorhome sector is again under threat from new and unfair tax increases. What should we do?" This question opens a letter addressed to both the Minister of Finance Elisabeth Svantesson (M) and the Minister of Economic Affairs Ebba Busch (KD), signed by the President of the Swedish Caravan and Motorhome Association and five leading players and members of the motorhome sector. This follows new threats to the taxation of new motorhomes.

Steam Hotel opens Sweden's first Gaming Suite

Steam Hotel in Västerås, one of Sweden's most recognised destinations for unique experiences, together with Webhallen, a leading retailer of computer and console games, are entering a new era of entertainment. The two companies are proud to present the long-awaited opening of Sweden's and possibly Europe's first Gaming Suite at the Steam Hotel. The Gaming Suite is equipped with five state-of-the-art set-ups from Webhallen config and Playstation 5.

11 women from 10 centuries highlighted at Kalmar Castle

On 14 December, this year's winter exhibition opens at Kalmar Castle. The interactive artwork In the Shadow of a Thousand Years highlights 11 strong women who have enriched art, science and society over a millennium. The artwork was created by artist Christine Clifstock.

Christine Clifstock at Kalmar Castle, photo: Makan E Rahmati

Reflection of the week

Interesting that we Swedes have the most caravans and motorhomes per capita. But of course, we are a nature-loving people. It also seems that what we discovered during the pandemic - nature, camping, close destinations - is something we still hold on to after the pandemic.

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