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Personalised Christmas greetings - making your own photo cards

Do you send Christmas cards or any other kind of Christmas greetings? We've become less adept at sending physical Christmas cards, but it's really nice. Especially when you can make personalised Christmas greetings!


Sending Christmas cards - a tradition

Sending Christmas cards has a long tradition in Sweden. It was at the end of the 19th century that people started sending Christmas cards, with influences coming from Denmark and Germany. The motifs were often Santa Claus, lights, snowy landscapes or the baby Jesus, and over time, motifs by Jenny Nyström also became popular. The text could be "Fröjdefull jul" or "Fridfull Jul", while today it is perhaps more common to write "God Jul" or "God Jul och Gott Nytt år":

In 2009, almost 40 million (!) Christmas cards were sent in Sweden. By 2018, the number had fallen to 16.5 million, which may be due to some people choosing to send digital Christmas greetings instead.

We ourselves are among those who sometimes only send digital Christmas greetings - usually due to lack of time - but every year we still get a "real" Christmas card in our mailbox, which is always nice.

Classic Christmas home in exhibition about Jenny Nyström in exhibition at Kalmar County Museum.

Making personalised Christmas cards

If you want to send "real" Christmas cards, it is especially fun to make personalised ones. You can do this on Ö where you will find many possibilities. We tried making a Christmas card with a picture of ourselves in wintry Austria. Wasn't it nice?

It was very simple: you choose the design and then upload your favourite photo or photos. If you want, you can change the text and before you pay, you choose how many Christmas cards you want to buy. We chose this particular design, but of course there are lots of different ones: portrait, landscape, different designs, collage, etc. etc. You can check out all the different designs. Christmas card 2023 here.

Do you usually send Christmas greetings?

Do you usually send Christmas greetings? If so, are they physical Christmas cards or digital greetings? Do you usually personalise your Christmas greetings?

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