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Ljubljana resort in cosy Slovenia

Here we are at the Ljubljana resort in Slovenia, and we're going to tell you about our journey. We drove through the breathtakingly beautiful Austrian Alps. When we entered Slovenia, the map on the GPS disappeared. Since we got the wrong update disc, we are using an old version and for some (unfathomable) reason Slovenia and Croatia are missing ...


Finding your way to Ljubljana Resort

When you don't have a GPS, it's really not easy to find your way. With the help of Margareta and Bobo Jonilson's book Camping in the East, road signs and some helpful girls in a petrol station, we eventually found our way to Ljubljana Resort.

Nice resort and campsite

Ljubljana resort is a nice and modern campsite, with clearly marked sites and extremely well organised waste sorting. In fact, the waste sorting is so well organised that we got really nervous. There are lots of different bins and signs, including signs describing how much you will be fined if you throw the rubbish away incorrectly. No small amounts, we can promise.

It is interesting that a country like little Slovenia has come further than many other developed countries in keeping clean and sorting rubbish. Strict rules and heavy fines are what work when it comes to keeping the country beautiful and clean.

Ljubljana resort is a nice campsite, but it is not a cheap campsite. We thought we paid a lot to stay here, but when the guys went to swim in the pool, we realised that it cost extra... Well, there wasn't much choice, so we paid so they could swim.

After all, we have to say that we had a great time here! The boys have been able to swim in the nice pools and we have been able to enjoy a good book in the comfortable heat.

Ljubljana camping
Peter lounging outside the motorhome at Ljubljana resort
Varmt i husbilen
Alvari thought it was hot to sleep in the campervan ...

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