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McLobster at McDonald's in Canada


McLobster at McDonald's, have you heard of it? We are in Halifax on the east coast of Canada right now, and there seems to be an abundance of lobster. Lobster is served just about everywhere, and McDonald's is no exception. Yesterday we had a McLobster menu for lunch.


McLobster at McDonald's - what is it?

We don't often eat at McDonald's when we are abroad. It's certainly not something we strive for or long for, although sometimes it's easy to slip into McDonald's when things are stressful and you need energy quickly and easily.

Yesterday we visited McDonald's for a completely different reason. We wanted to try the dish McLobster. We had seen signs about this outside the fast food chain and after thinking about it a few times, we realised that ... yes, we had to try it!

Now we have tested here in Halifax and can share our experiences. McLobster is simply what is sometimes also called "Lobster rolls". This is a type of sausage bread filled with lobster batter and a little salad.

When you order a menu, you also get French fries and soft drinks. How did it taste? Not too bad actually, although it felt a bit strange to sit in McDonald's and eat lobster and drink soda ...

McLobster på McDonalds i Kanada
McLobster at McDonald's in Canada

Lobster in everything

There must be lobster in abundance here in Halifax, Canada, because it feels like you get lobster in everything. When we've ordered "seafood gratin", for example, it's been packed with lobster, even though it's not explicitly on the menu. We've also seen a lot of people in restaurants eating just... lobster.

But again, you don't have to go to the fancy fish restaurants to find lobster. A visit to McDonald's will suffice. And if you want variety, you can go to the taco bar around the corner - they serve lobster tacos. We'll have to try this next time!

Lobster, lobster, lobster in Halifax, Canada ...
Murphys Halifax
Murphy's seaside restaurant, which also serves lobster.

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