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Harbour Hopper tour - amphibious boat around Halifax.

Today we took a "Harbour Hopper tour" here in Halifax, Canada, which is a tour with an amphibious boat. This green-blue intermediate between a car and a boat starts on land, and after some time on the city streets, you simply drive into the water.


Harbour Hopper tour on water ...

The tour with the amphibious boat started on land here in Halifax and went almost directly into the water, so that we could see the coast from the outside. Despite knowing that it would work perfectly, it felt strange to drive straight into the water with a ... car? Well, soon it felt more like we were on a boat.

In the first picture you see us when we have just entered the water. The guide points and tells us about things we can see from the boat. The tour then continued along the coast while the guide told us about the houses and boats around us. We also got a better view of Murphy's restaurant, where we had dinner almost every night during this trip.

This is a pretty cool city, isn't it? I have to say that I like the mix between the metropolitan skyscrapers and the relaxed holiday hangout in the harbour. Of course, the blue skies and the almost 30-degree summer heat don't detract from the experience.

Nova Scotia
Murphys Halifax
Halifax Kanada

... and on land

After some time on the water, it was time for our Harbour Hopper tour to continue on land. The vehicle rolled up on a road and now it was just getting used to the fact that we were in a car, and not in a boat. We got a guided tour past various houses and churches and around large parts of Halifax, while the guide pointed and told us.

Incidentally, the craft/vehicle (whatever you call it?) costs around a million dollars and has been used as a amphibious vehicle in the Vietnam War. It was originally military green but now it has been repainted to look a bit nicer... And it does look a bit nicer than a war vehicle? I must say that I like it much better in this version!

harbour hopper
halifax Nova Scotia
Kanada 2012

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