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10 x boat trips on journeys

When you are on holiday, it is often nice to take a boat trip. The water is fresh, and you get a different view when you look inland. Or maybe you get the chance to see some new islands or places. Here are some boat trips we remember...


1. canoeing in New Zealand

We visited the Abel Tasman National Park, on the northern part of the South Island of Australia. New Zealand. The nature is amazing, and it is excellent to experience it from a canoe.

Kanot i Abel Tasman, Nya Zeeland

2. Cruise in Vietnam

The large wooden boats in Ha Long Bay glides silently past the beautiful Sugarloaf Islands. Some of the islands are hollow and contain huge caves, which you can visit.


3. Catamaran in Malaysia

When we were at Langkawi in Malaysia we booked one day trip by catamaran. Besides lounging in the boat, you could lie in hammocks under the boat or hang out in a net.

4. Riverboat on the Nile

When we were in Hurghada in Egypt we made an excursion to Luxor, where you can visit the Temple of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings. Then there was also a small river trip on the Nile.


5. Gondola in Venice

The first time we were in Venice we took a gondola ride through the city. A lovely experience, although they charge a lot for it ...

6. Amphibious boat in Canada

When we were in Halifax in Canada, we took a guided tour with the amphibious boat "Harbour Hopper". Costing a million dollars, the craft has been used in the Vietnam War, but has been repainted to look a little nicer ...

Harbour hopper tour

7. traditional boat in Tanzania

When we were in Tanga, in northern Tanzania, we went on a day trip with a traditional boat, a so-called dhow. A fantastic experience to be out on the sea in a quiet sailboat.

Båttur Tanzania

8. Sightseeing in Malta

Around the water Malta changes in different shades of turquoise. We stayed in Sliema and took a wonderful boat trip to Comino and Gozo.


9. Sailing boat in the Philippines

On the traditional Filipino sailing boats you sit far out on the stays, while the water splashes up. It's a great feeling when the boat gets going ...

Traditionell båt Filippinerna

10. River trip in New Zealand

In Whanganui National Park, on New Zealand's North Island, you can take a long ride on the winding rivers. Then you can get off and hike into the lush rainforest ...
Nya Zeeland

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