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Visiting friends in Gothenburg

When we were in the Philippines last winter, we got to know the super nice couple Anders and Anita. We got acquainted at the airport in Manila and went on a snowmobile trip together on the island of Mindoro. Now it was time to meet them on their home turf in Gothenburg!



We not only travelled around the island of Mindoro together. Anders and Anita also took us to a completely different place. crazy restaurant in Manila, which was truly an experience - with waitresses dancing and chefs juggling ladles.

Mölnlycke in Gothenburg

Anders and Anita live in Mölnlycke in Gothenburg, so yesterday we went there for a visit. It was a fantastic dinner, a lot of talk and laughter and some nice walks in the surroundings. Only today, Sunday afternoon, we roll on towards Helsingborg and Elsinore. A whole year in Europe lies ahead of us. It can hardly be imagined. Join the journey!

I familiarise myself with a horse
Anders och Anita
Anders and Anita advertise our motorhome...

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