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The mysterious forest castle of Konopiste in the Czech Republic


We started looking for the Konopiste forest castle in the Czech Republic. It was already evening, but a big castle can't be that hard to find. Or is it? After a while we realised that the Konopiste castle can be called a "forest castle" precisely because it is very well hidden in the forest... By the time we found it, it was getting dark, and our first encounter with the castle was surrounded by mysterious statues and sounds.


Konopiste Forest Castle in the Czech Republic

The forest castle of Konopiste is four miles south of Prague, and the nearest major town is Benesov. Even though we had the exact address, we turned around for quite a while before we found it.

We thought that a big castle would be visible, but the forest castle Konopiste is not visible. It is well hidden in the forest! Finally, we found a car park that looked like it was meant for castle visits ...

Skogsslottet Konopiste
Everywhere we drove we saw this dense beautiful forest. But no castle!

Animals in Konopiste

Once we arrived, we were in a hurry to visit the castle before it got dark. Was it stupid to come this late? We started walking up a dirt road and soon encountered an enclosure with deer. We also saw squirrels darting between the branches of the trees and, as we approached the castle, we discovered a bear living in the moat.

Loud noises in Konopiste

But none of this explained the strange sounds! As darkness fell, they became more and more intense. It sounded like a loud howling or moaning. What kind of animal could make such a sound? And didn't we hear something moving in the bushes? The explanation was not given until the next morning ...

Rådjur i Konopiste
One of the castle's deer looks at us in wonder.

A park full of statues

The castle is surrounded by a large park, where you can wander around the castle's fanciful statues. We wandered around among mysterious animals and two-faced figures as darkness fell and the 'wailing' increased in intensity.

Staty djur
An animal of some kind guards one of the entrances to the castle park.
Staty med två huvuden i Konopiste
A statue with two heads ...
Staty kvinna med rådjur
In front of the castle, a statue with a woman and a deer faces you

The rose garden and the peacocks

We slept in our camper van in the car park outside the castle and only the next day, when it was light and the castle was open to visitors, did we get the answer to the riddle from the day before. The loud howling came from all the peacocks in the castle's rose garden! Have you ever heard what a peacock sounds like...?

Rosenträdgård i Konopiste
A peacock in the castle's rose garden - they sound loud, we promise!
Look what a beautiful plumage I have!
Påfåglar och barn
Sometimes we prefer to turn our arse to ...

Visiting the Konopiste forest castle

Just walking around the castle garden and admiring the castle from the outside is an experience. It is also possible to get a guided tour inside the castle. We skipped it because we would have to wait so many hours for an English guide, but if you plan your visit a little better, it is excellent. You can read more at the castle's website.

Skogsslottet Konopiste i Tjeckien
Konopiste Forest Castle in the Czech Republic

Around the castle there are several restaurants, fast food outlets, souvenir shops and museums. However, the campsite that once stood here seems to have been closed for years. Don't forget to check out Peter's film from the castle!

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