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Feast in Finland, Catholic Church and winter


Happy Friday! Remembering last week's party in Finland, enjoying the winter, and suddenly holding a book from the Catholic Church. I might admit that we mention the Catholic Church in the title to make you curious, but it's actually true that we have a Catholic children's book in the kitchen right now.


Party in Finland

Our visit to Helsinki last week ended with a party at the Clarion Hotel. The hotel wanted to highlight its campaign, which involves a blogger staying at the hotel for an entire year (!). For us, it meant bubbly, and chatting with journalists and bloggers. Fun with a party!

Book from the Catholic Church

As bloggers, we are used to being approached from time to time by companies looking to collaborate, buy or sell services. Yet we were little surprised when we were contacted some time ago by the Catholic Church in Sweden.

It turned out that they wanted to buy a photo of us, taken at the Easter processions in Spain, to use in the new edition of a children's book about the Catholic faith. Now we've got the book and it's a bit "happy", not least because it's called "The Good News".

Det glada budskapet

Glorious winter!

I know that not everyone likes winter, but I (Helena) love it. At least when it's real winter, like now. The snow makes it bright and beautiful, and from our houseboat we see both skaters (on Lake Ulvsunda, where the ice is thick) and lots of ducks (in the marina, which is almost ice-free due to propellers).

What has been the best part of your week?

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