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Iceland and restarting the internet

The absolute best thing this week is that we are in Iceland! Lovely, lovely Iceland - it's great to be here again! This Friday we're also delighted that we managed to solve a strange problem by restarting the internet. We're also happy for all the nice comments about our new blog layout!



As we told you yesterday, we have just travelled to Iceland to experience the Icelandic food festival. Food and Fun. It feels great to relive Iceland (where we were last in 2012) and to try a lot of exciting food. It's also great to meet new and old blog friends.

So far we've had a lovely and relaxing visit to the geothermal spa. Blue Lagoon. Loving really this place, where you can chill in the warm water no matter how cold the air is, and maybe slip over to the bar in the water and order a beer... The top picture in the post is from here, and was taken by Christian, from Food and travel blog. We will tell you more soon!

Restarting the internet

For several weeks now, many (wordpress) blogs I read have looked strange (to me). I've been able to see all the text, but the layout has been totally non-existent and I've often been unable to comment (as there was no longer a submit button to press). After much troubleshooting, I've finally realised that the problem is with our internet.

Our internet at home in the houseboat worked perfectly. Otherwisebut apparently the css code (related to the layout) would not download from some pages. Soooo strange! We called the internet provider this week and they restarted our internet. Now it seems I can read blogs normally again. Happy Friday!


Thanks for the nice comments!

We would also like to thank you for the nice comments about our new layout of the blog! We have been a little bit nervous about the reactions, but we have received many very positive comments which really made us happy!

It's also great that the sun has been visiting during the week! What has been the best part of your week?

pampas marina

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