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Caravan parks and campsites in Sweden - lists and apps

This summer, many of us will be looking for pitches and campsites in Sweden. The question is, how crowded will they be? We list a number of lists and apps for finding Swedish campsites and pitches.


Planning your summer motorhome trip

We, like many others, had planned to travel with the motorhome in Europe this summer. We have long since stopped hoping for that and instead started hoping for a trip in Sweden. Now, following the recent announcement that the travel restrictions within Sweden can remain over the summer, you don't even know if you dare to plan this.

We still hope to be able to travel around Sweden with the motorhome this summer and don't think it sounds unrealistic that it could be possible. However, we dare to not take it for granted so we won't make any big plans. Not yet anyway. The good thing about a motorhome is that you don't have to plan so far in advance!

Campingar i Sverige - Granö camping

By motorhome in Sweden

Whether we can make exciting excursions to the north and south of the country, or whether we have to stay in the county, there will be motorhomes in Sweden this summer. One thing we wonder is, how full will it be on campsites and pitches, now that everyone is home in Sweden?

At least the Swedish camping industry shouldn't have to go bad this summer, and there's always something to celebrate in this misery. But will there be room? And how crowded will people think it's ok to stand? What do you think?

Ställplats i Västerås gästhamn

Pitches and campsites in Sweden

You may need to be a little prepared to scout out good campsites in Sweden this summer. There are lots of different lists, directories and apps. When we are abroad, the app CamperContact is our favourite, but in Sweden we have sometimes combined it with other lists and sites. Here are some places where you can find Swedish campsites and pitches:

  • has a list of campsites and pitches in Sweden that we have tried ourselves. We list them from north to south.
  • is a site where you can also book campsites. There are 2300 campsites throughout the Nordic region.
  • has a digital map with 1016 campsites and 528 pitches in Sweden.
  • has an online database of caravan and motorhome sites in Sweden. Search by keyword or by map.
  • has an online map of caravan sites that can be used by paying members.
  • Caravan and has a list of 578 independent campsites, 615 pitches and 305 rest areas in Sweden. Available online or can be ordered as a catalogue for SEK 319.
  • is both an app and an online map of campsites, pitches and rest areas across Europe. The full version of the app costs around €60. You can test a limited version free of charge.
  • has a large catalogue of all Swedish campsites affiliated to SCR Svensk Camping. The list is available online, as an app, as a web catalogue or can be ordered as a physical catalogue for SEK 99.
  • Rest & Camp is an app where you can find rest areas, pitches and campsites.

Do you have any other good tips for finding pitches and campsites in Sweden?

Campingar i Sverige - Tällberg camping

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