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How our motorhome life began

How did motorhome life start for us? After a week at the Elmia Husvagn Husbil fair in Jönköping, and after meeting lots of both new and experienced campers, we started to look back at how our own motorhome story once started...

None of us grew up camping

Neither Peter nor I, Helena, grew up camping. When we were young, we didn't know anyone who owned a motorhome or caravan, and we never even tried living in a cabin on a campsite.

Peter's family had a summer house in the Stockholm archipelago and my family had a summer house on the west coast. In Peter's family we went boating and fishing. In my family we canoed and skied. But a motorhome or caravan? No, that was something that "others" did ...

When we met, we wanted to travel ...

When Peter and I met (about 20 years ago) we were both very keen on travelling. After having limited opportunities in the past, together we got a little better finances. We started with a few short trips, and after working hard to renovate and sell an apartment, we were able to realise our plans. two big dream tripsTransmongolian railway through Russia to China and New Zealand.

Helrenovering på gång
Helena when we renovated a flat - we stayed in this one and sold the neighbouring flat.
Transsibiriska järnvägen
Transmongolian railway through Russia 2006

It was in New Zealand that it began

When I was doing research for our upcoming trip to New ZealandAs Peter's two sons would be joining us, I realised that a motorhome could be an option. By renting a camper van we would have accommodation organised and in addition avoid paying for two restaurant visits per day, for four people. I made the suggestion to Peter and he looked at me like I was completely out of my mind.

"Do I look like a camper, or what?" he exclaimed.

Peter was difficult to persuade, but after looking at a few different budget calculations, he too realised that a motorhome was a good option. No sooner said than done, we rented a campervan that was waiting for us when we landed in New Zealand!

This motorhome we rented in New Zealand

The feeling of freedom took us by storm

After the initial shock - driving a motorhome, in left-hand traffic, just after an extremely long flight - we were saved. The sense of freedom took us by storm. We could drive wherever we wanted, stop for lunch whenever and wherever, and where we would spend the night could only be decided as evening approached. We started to think about having a motorhome at home in Sweden ...

Redo för äventyr i Pipiriki
Motorhome adventure in New Zealand

We got the FREEDOM campervan.

Back in Sweden, we immediately started looking for a motorhome. I (Helena) had received an inheritance, and we had the opportunity to buy a used motorhome on Blocket. It was an Adria 660 SP from 2007 that we named ... FREEDOM!

The motorhome as it looked when we bought it

Peter was keen to add his personal touch to the campervan, so he designed a new look, had it foiled and fitted lots of lights ...

The motorhome after it has been redesigned

A new life as a motorhome enthusiast

From never having set foot in a campervan, we fell in love with motorhomes. We still enjoy travelling in other ways, but the motorhome is always number one. We still have the same motorhome and it has taken us on lots of trips, both in Sweden and all over Europe.
Ready to go around Europe, November 2014

We also started the blog, which today has evolved into a digital travel magazine that is both our job and our life!

In the motorhome at First Camp Arcus - Luleå this summer

Are you camping? How did camping or motorhome life start for you?

Are you camping? In a motorhome, caravan, tent or cabin? How did camping or motorhome life start for you?

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