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Premiere tour of the motorhome and electric bikes

Finally, we went on a premiere trip with the campervan and electric bikes. We have travelled with the motorhome several times earlier this year, but this was the first trip with an overnight stay. It was also the first time we had the electric bikes in the motorhome's garage.


First trip with the motorhome

After all the hassle, and not least after we got the problems with the gas in the motorhomeit was really nice to get away at last. We lifted the electric bikes into the the garage that we rebuilt and packed clothes and food for just over 24 hours. Not a long trip for sure, but still fantastic to be on the road again.


Camping at a nature reserve and beach

We chose to roll to a campsite on the coast, within the recommended 2-hour radius. It has great pitches for motorhomes, a nature reserve, cycle paths, a nature trail with information signs and a beach. Where are we? We will tell you more about that soon. We haven't had time to look around properly yet, but on Tuesday there will be a proper report.


Rain and wind

The weather was not exactly fantastic. It was raining when we arrived, and we spent an hour or so filling water and doing other practical things in the car. After a while the sun came out and we went for a little walk ... only to be surprised by rain and wind again fifteen minutes later. At least we were able to see that it is really nice here, so we are looking forward to exploring with the electric bikes in better weather!


Evening in the motorhome

We worked at the computers and enjoyed spending time in the motorhome again. How cosy is that? We started talking about our 1 year long motorhome trip around Europe as we did in 2015. If we ever get the chance, we want to do such a trip again. There is so much more we want to see and experience in Europe!

For now, we are enjoying our relative freedom and the feeling of being outside with the motorhome. We cooked good food (sorry, Peter cooked good food), we drank some wine and we listened to French music. And yes, the gas worked well!

It was a nice and cosy national day. How did you celebrate National Day?


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